Is Gas Geyser Better than Electric Geyser?


If you ask us, getting up in the winter morning for a quick shower is probably one of the hardest things to do. Because of this, many of us skip our regular bath and sometimes fall sick due to the lack of hygiene. Therefore, if you want to gear yourself up for a nice, clean bath in the winter season, it is a must to install a water heater or geyser in your bathroom.

But, choosing the best geyser for your home can be a little confusing because we do not know which product will provide us optimum performance according to our requirements. Therefore, we have provided a rundown in this article comparing Gas Geyser vs. Electric Geyser, which will put all the essential factors parallel in both the types so you can choose the right kind of product.

We have also provided a buying guy on water heaters which will allow you to understand a little more about geysers and choose the one that will suit your requirements the most.

Is Gas Geyser Better than Electric Geyser?

As technology advances, there are plenty of inventions on the market right now. Similarly, the geyser industry is also gearing up toward providing multiple options, features, and types of products that will keep people interested and on their toes. There are basically two types of leading geysers on the market, which are:

  • Gas Geysers
  • Electric Geysers

Therefore, if you want to recognize the right kind of geyser suitable for your home, you are required to gain a proper understanding of all types of geysers available. In other words, you should be able to distinguish the pros and cons of multiple products and understand their weaknesses and strengths before you make up your mind. We are going to help you decode this mess down below:

Gas Geysers

The gas geysers heat up the water using LPG. Yes, the same gas is used for cooking in Indian households. There is generally no limit on the water heating if you consider gas geysers. You can heat as much water as you would like unless you have exhausted your gas cylinder. These geysers provide you a continuous flow of water, and you can get it going almost instantly.

Two factors put gas geysers apart from the electric geysers, and that is the: fast recovery rate and absolute power effectiveness. There is no doubt that gas geysers can be an excellent choice for any large, happy, joint family. Furthermore, they can also be separated into two main categories which are:

Tankless Geysers

In the case when you do not require a large amount of water at a single time, this is the type of gas geyser that will fit best with your usage. You will be amazed at how the majority of Indian geysers companies only sell tankless geysers.

Storage Geysers

This is absolutely opposite to what an instant geyser provides you. This kind of geyser is ideal for people who require large amounts of water on a routine basis. Due to the geyser’s frame, it is also easier to repair them if they go wrong.


Here are some of the features of a gas geyser that you might like to know:


Due to the heat loss that you might witness from the storage tank’s wall, you might think to yourself that it is unproductive. However, when you use a gas geyser, you will notice that the water remains hot throughout the time, which is why the power is usually used in the best manner.


No matter the kind of gas geyser you buy, there is a chance you can actually warm up around 50 gallons of water in significantly less time. If you reside in a locality which suffers from frequent power cuts, you might like the idea of a gas geyser that offers you hot water whenever you need it.

Life Expectancy & Price

For many people, the cost of the geyser is usually the primary concern. So you would be glad to know that in comparison to electric geysers, gas geysers are surprisingly more budget-friendly. You should be able to purchase a gas geyser within the range of 5000 INR to 8000 INR easily. However, when it comes to life expectancy, we have noticed the electric geysers run better and more smoothly throughout a very long time.


There are plenty of benefits to be had with gas geysers which are as follows:

  • You will be able to regulate the water level and heating rate of the geyser manually.
  • You do not have to worry about wasting your precious power as the water heating process is stable. Therefore, you will store plenty of power.
  • Gas geysers are more likely to be efficient for large families, which are the norm in Indian society.
  • Maintenance and reparation of gas geysers aren’t much of an issue.
  • They do not need your electricity, and therefore will not bring you large bills of power.
  • You can use both LPG or government laid pipelines for the gas geysers.

Electric Geysers

There is growing popularity of electric geysers in the Indian market due to the sole purpose of convenience. These products make use of copper coils to help transform the electrical energy to heat energy.

Although there are considerable differences between an electrical geyser and a gas geyser, the primary concept remains the same. Even electrical geysers come in two types of storage: Instant and Storage Geyser.


Here we have listed some of the advantages of using an electrical geyser that might help you make the right decision:

  • You can set up an electrical geyser in a tiny space, and it is also straightforward to manage and handle.
  • The process requires electrical energy on a very minimal range, so it’s relatively cheaper.
  • There is no requirement of fuel in the process, so there are less carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Water gets heated in an instant, and the life expectancy of the product is also relatively high.

As we conclude, it is essential to know that the decision to buy a geyser depends entirely on your usage and requirement. However, whenever you are to make a choice, keep the insulation cost, maintenance, cost, and space requirement in mind.

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