Introduction to CrossFit


What is CrossFit, really?

You may have seen CrossFit on television commercials. You may have spotted CrossFit centers popping up locally, in several magazines, and on cyberspace. If you have friends or co-workers who are also into working out, you may have also heard them talking or mentioning about CrossFit, and you’d be asking “what on earth is CrossFit?”

If you and anyone else are finding yourself asking this question, then this hub is a good place for your introduction to CrossFit.

CrossFit can mean many things: a unique exercise and training program, as well as the name of the company, and also a form of sport that uses the same fitness techniques.

It was Greg Glassman who developed this training philosophy and technique during the 1970s. This training, strength, and conditioning program is said to have brought extraordinary, transformative results for people of all ages and fitness levels. But if it sounds too good to be true for you, you might want to learn more about CrossFit in this hub.


The implementation and benefits that CrossFit brings

This program not only keeps one fit but also aims to improve his or her cardiovascular and respiratory health. This program also aims to improve a person’s capacity in ten recognized fitness aspects: stamina, strength, endurance, stability, power, speed, coordination, balance, accuracy, and coordination. You’ll never get bored with doing the same exercise routines as CrossFit implements an extremely varied and challenging combination of aerobic exercises as well as gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting. These varied and high-intensity, functional types of workouts ranging from pushing and throwing.

In the end, CrossFit will keep you not only physically fit but also mentally sound. That’s the aim of this program — it doesn’t specialize on improving on a single thing but rather it focuses on building a body and mind that’s healthy, fit, and strong. It’s the sense that when you’ve gone through the CrossFit program, you’re coming out as someone with a body and mind that are capable of doing virtually everything.

In CrossFit’s affiliated gyms, you won’t find any TV’s and exercise machines that are usually found in traditional gyms. Instead, you’ll work out with equipment such as barbells (fitted with rubber bumper plates that can be added or reduced), gymnastic rings, jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, plyo boxes, resistance bands, and AbMats. The exercise programs are supervised by experienced coaches.

This fitness methodology is used not only by CrossFit’s private affiliated gyms. It is also implemented by fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and military institutions, and many high school and college varsity teams, as well as by the professional baseball team the Miami Marlins.

Glassman established the company CrossFit Inc. in 2000, with its first affiliated gym being in Seattle, Washington. Today there are over ten thousand affiliated gyms across the country.

CrossFit sports event

CrossFit is also seen as a sport, aside from being an exercise program. Since the summer of 2007, CrossFit Games are officially every year and participated in by both male and female athletes of all ages. Participants compete by taking part in workouts, (sometimes competitors practice in workouts that they learn just an about hour before the competition) as well as surprise elements that aren’t included in the normal CrossFit regimen. Since its inception as a sport, CrossFit has grown in popularity, and many sponsorships have poured in. 2013’s CrossFit Games was sponsored by Reebok, and the top prize money in that tournament amounted to $275,000.

Anyone can try CrossFit!

CrossFit welcomes almost all sorts of people. Non-sporty people may find CrossFit fun because it provides them with various exercise and fitness regimens that will make them feel athletic. Athletes, on the other hand, will enjoy CrossFit because of its level of difficulty that will remind them of their own intense workout and training before. People who are really poor in group social relations will appreciate the camaraderie by the supportive, good-natured community that CrossFit has. Although the high-intensity training (performed on a frequent basis) may lead people to injuries, many people still find CrossFit as a good avenue into other types of training. In addition to that, people will discover and enjoy its amazing community.

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