Interior Design Spotlight: Southwest Style


Interior design has seen a myriad of eclectic styles rise to prominence in recent years, including art décor, bohemian, modern minimalist and Southwest style. Southwest style has gained in popularity because it is warm and easy to blend, showcasing traditional Native American culture.

This design has specific characteristics that make it appealing to modern homeowners. It is recognizable, too, in its use of rustic leather furniture, durable terracotta flooring, Southwest rugs, and warm, desert tones on walls.

We have examined these characteristics, with a comprehensive guide on how best to adopt this style in your home.

Rustic Furniture

Southwest style would be incomplete without a few pieces of rustic furniture. Try upholstering your furniture in natural textiles, like high-grade cotton or leather, draped with Southwest rugs. It makes the home warm and cozy.

You could also paint wooden furniture, such as your kitchen table and chairs, in subdued colors such as teals, whites, or greys. Sandpaper each piece for that farmhouse or ranch look. After all, Southwest style is the style of the west, embracing Native American culture and the cowboy lifestyle!


Wrought iron was instrumental in many 18th century houses, reminiscent of the desert ranch lifestyle. You can incorporate wrought iron railings or parts on cabinets, beds, or kitchen cabinets. Paint the wrought iron black for contrast, and a warm and scenic appeal.

Hand-Painted Tiles

Tiles enhance the Southwest style immensely, adding tint, pattern, and pop! Painted wall tiles on kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom walls, and tabletops bring this traditional look together in a colorful way.

Unlike the mass-produced tiles, hand-painted tiles are pricey but worth it. They won’t crack and will last you a lifetime. These tiles come in various colors, which make them the perfect accessory to your southwestern rugs.

Warm Floors

Southwest design features distinct flooring. Durable earth-toned terra cotta tiles or brick and lozenge styles are quite popular. Some kitchens also feature slate and natural stone for a rustic look.

Place Southwest rugs in specific locations on the floor to delineate a room and enhance the floor area with colorful patterns.

Rich Wall Color

Unlike modern minimalist walls, which tend to be dull and bare, Southwest style goes to town on wall design and color. Install adobe, stucco, and smooth stones, for a warm and natural feel. Use tans, mauves, teals, and deep purples to provide stunning backdrops for your Southwest design

Incorporating Desert Foliage

Bring the desert indoors with hardy and durable desert foliage. A balanced approach is best, as too much of this element might overwhelm your design.

Potted cacti and succulents do nicely indoors. Desert marigold and calendula complement patios or gardens, adding natural textures to the outside of your home.

Southwest Rugs

Southwest style would be missing a beat if it didn’t feature colorful Southwest rugs. These rugs are a durable investment, and the design pieces feature intricate patterns and colors that pop, enhancing the style of your home.

Use these versatile accent pieces in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom floor, as well as on your walls or draped over furniture. They are a welcome style item and instantly add warmth and comfort to your home.

Final Thoughts

For a natural, warm, and appealing design, Southwest style has no equal. This style blends effortlessly with both traditional and modern designs, making your house feel like a home. Now every home can embody that warm, quintessentially American style!

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