Ideas for Scandinavian bedrooms


If you are looking for very cozy bedrooms, this article will help you and give you some inspiration on which bedroom idea you will like. Scandinavian bedrooms are becoming a trend today. And most people now prefer to use this style to arrange their bedrooms. It is cozy and comfortable. For you to get to have some inspiration, you need to continue reading this article, designed by experts. Below are the ideas that you need to select from to achieve your dream bedroom.

Scandinavian bedroom color that is neutral

There are those people who prefer to have white as their color in their bedrooms. If you are that person who doesn’t prefer to have white fully, you can always add some dark shades to your bedroom so that the white becomes minimal. You have various colors to look through. You can put some grey, ivory colors to blend with the white to create a neutral color scheme. To the carpet, you can include some peach pink. It will also create a neutral atmosphere of color.

Layering up textures

For the current kind of Scandinavian bedrooms, the texture is another thing you need to consider if you want to have a nice bedroom. You can always stick to a few colors and then add texture. It will bring out the beauty in the house. 

Painting floorboards

Floorboards are one of those aspects in a Scandinavian bedroom that bring out the beauty in them. When you paint your floorboard, you make the bedroom pop up. Colors like white or when you whitewash your floor will bring up the beauty in the room. When you add a bright floor, you need to include some darker shades on the bedroom walls.

Simple artwork

If you love art, you can include it as part of the decorations in your room. But you must ensure that you bring Motiv-art. And if you are to include the art, stick to having about 2 to 3 bigger pieces of art. Always look for colors that give your room a cohesive feeling.

Brighter colors

When painting the wall of your bedrooms, look for bright colors. It will give your room a brighter feeling. Look for bright-colored furniture. It is good to have these colors because they will make those rooms that face north look bright and airy.

Match and mix soft furnishings

Have some geometric prints in your bedroom. If you are that person who likes bright modern looks, you can always go for the bright accented colors. But for the cozier looks, try going for the muted colors, natural colors. It is like a mixture of two kinds of bedroom styles: Scandi and boho.

Second-hand findings

Now you get the gist about Scandinavian bedrooms. It is not only buying new stuff and putting it in your bedroom. You can also get second-hand stuff and blend it with the colors in your bedroom. To get a rustic edge, you also need to shop for vintage stuff. Look for that wooden furniture that has the traditional feel and leave out the modern furniture. It will give you a Scandinavian bedroom feel. Do not just focus your attention on colors, but you can also get any wood and paint it your preference.


There are many ideas out there that you can choose from to create your bedroom, but these are just a few options to think about.

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