HVAC Maintenance Tips To Prevent Costly Repairs


The HVAC system is a necessity that helps us to keep warm in the winter and cool during the summer season. However, just like your car or any electric appliance in your home, the HVAC can break down due to continuous usage. To prevent the system from serious damages that could lead to more costs, you need to schedule a regular HVAC inspection with professionals like LAfixit.

Why is HVAC maintenance so important?

An HVAC system is just like a car. It needs proper care and maintenance to function correctly and to have a prolonged lifespan. A properly maintained HVAC system will perform its job efficiently. Besides, if you maintain your HVAC system adequately, it won’t break down easily. And of course, maintaining your HVAC system will not only increase its lifespan, but it will help lower your utility bills as well as ensure healthy air maintenance.

With that said, let’s look at some of the HVAC maintenance tips that can help prevent costly repairs.

1. Pay attention

One of the best ways you can identify any problem with the HVAC system is by paying attention to it. You need to be keen on any grinding, rattling, buzzing, or thumping with your system. If you notice any of these, your HVAC system could be having certain issues. Additionally, you should pay attention to possible performance issues such as spotty cooling or heating, thermostat issues, weak airflow, etc. The sooner you contact an HVAC company to come and address these issues, the lesser the damage that can occur.

2. Schedule annual maintenance

This is one of the crucial steps when it comes to maintaining an HVAC system. You should have your heaters tuned every fall and the air conditioners tuned every spring. While many people aren’t aware, regular HVAC maintenance can prevent up to 90% of all HVAC repairs. And as mentioned above, regular maintenance can lower your utility bills as well as increase the lifespan of your equipment.

3. Clean the vents

You should vacuum the vents to get rid of dirt and dust from building up, which can obstruct airflow. Additionally, it is also important to check the airflow regularly to ensure that it is not weak. If you notice weak airflow, you can contact a professional HVAC specialist to come and fix it as soon as you can.

4. Replace your air filters

The air should be replaced regularly, .i.e., every 30-90 days. They should also be checked every month for dirt and clogs. How often you need to change the filters depends on how large your household is and the number of pets you have. If you have a large household and a number of pets, then you need to change the filters more often. There are so many reasons why changing the filters is crucial

5. Keep the outdoor unit clean

The outdoor unit is constantly exposed to weather and other environmental factors like dirt and debris. Besides, vegetation and growth can cover the outdoor unit, which can eventually prevent the exhaust air from being emitted effectively.

Additionally, the leaves and branches can find their way inside the outdoor unit and affect the fan’s smooth operation. This is why you need to monitor the area around the outdoor unit and trim any bushes or leaves if necessary.

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