How You Should Position Your Window Desk For Maximum Productivity


The placement of your work counter has a big effect on your work output. With the wrong placement of a window desk, one can become susceptible to distractions which can lower the output that is provided each day. Window mounted desks are usually innovatively designed to ensure that one is in control of their space. Adjustments can be done by the user to suit their needs at each exact moment. For one to be at their best, one must set up this product in a way that it maximum ergonomics and functionality is observed. Additionally, for a space to be considered ideal by the user, it must suit their style and existing needs. Prospective buyers should keep in mind that this product can be found in different sizes in the market. When an acquisition is being made, one should consider the mounting space available as well as the items that will have to be placed on the counter.

This article will discuss the elements that should be observed by an individual keen on maximizing their output during working hours.

Ideal Placement Ideas for a Window Desk in any Workspace

Avoid direct sunlight

The best feature of this product is that its position can be shifted from one place to another. During morning and evening hours, users are encouraged to avoid mounting it in areas that are getting hit by direct sunlight. Sunlight can easily reflect on machines placed on the counter such as computers hence affecting the view of the user. Continued exposure to sun rays can also make one tire quickly and lead to skin conditions such as sunburn.

Mount the counter in a place with a view of the entrance

In most workspaces, there is usually heavy traffic. One can easily get distracted if they have to keep turning to see who is making an entrance. If the item is placed in a place with a view of the entrance, observing the people entering and leaving the room is usually easy meaningless distractions for the individual using the workspace.

Consider the lighting in the room

The amount of light that one is receiving usually has a direct impact on optical health. Dim building lighting can lead to eyestrain on the user of the desk. Too much light can also be too harsh for the eyes. One should try using this product in areas that have natural lighting. In case the desk is being used at night, one should fix it in an area with sufficient lighting to enable the user to have a good view of the contents on the counter.

Consider the view before you

Ideally, the user should mount the product in a space that is serene and calm and free from distractions. However, different scenes usually have varying effects on people. The user of the counter should seek a position that induces serenity and boosts concentration. If a serene area is unavailable, window covers can be sought for the period the counter is in use.

Consider the temperature in the area of placement

Temperature can greatly affect the mood and concentration of an individual. Window desk users should try to avoid areas that have extreme temperatures. Unless it is winter, one should avoid staying too close to the thermostat. Areas near the door should be avoided during chilly weather since one can be exposed to draughts of cold weather each time the door is opened.

The counter should be mounted straight

An inclined slope can lead to constant disruptions because of items falling from the counter. The user should try to ensure the mount is level. Some products in the market have a leveling feature that allows the user to determine if the workspace is sloping.

Consider the height of the user

When setting the level of the counter, one should mount the counter according to the height of the individual using it. Appliances such as the computer should be put about forty inches from the eyes. Such a distance usually minimizes the risk of straining. The user should be able to use their arms at a right angle while the counter is mounted. However, one should listen to their body as they are setting up the unit. One should make adjustments so that the entire body is relaxed and strain free.

Consider the flooring beneath the mounting area

These desks are typically used when standing. With this product, the user is usually induced to make a lot of movements. To avoid accidents, one should fix this item in an area that is not slippery or sloping. Ideally, the flooring should be a bit rough for traction purposes. Rough surfaces also reduce the chances of getting injuries due to slipping.

Consider the flow of work in the office

When positioning the counter, the user should also consider which placement offers maximum functionality in the workspace especially if it is shared. A lot of time can be wasted if one has to keep moving around the office in order to get the job done. Desks should be mounted in such a way that the flow of work in the station is seamless.

Consider the habits in the workplace

If one has to keep moving their work counter in order to create space for other office activities, a lot of time can end up getting wasted. Wasted time basically translates to zero output. One should ensure their counter is placed in a location that is free from distractions from other people.

Consider your vision of a perfect workspace

For a worker to be truly productive, they must first be happy with the available workspace. One should try to ensure that the desk placement reflects the vision that one has of a fulfilling workspace. The placement should also create an aesthetically appealing environment. A beautiful workspace can do wonders in uplifting the mood of those using the room. A fulfilled and happy worker usually translates their feelings to a high output at work.  Meet Desk View to find out more.

In order to identify the best position for the desk, one should try to imagine the positive aspects of each placement position and the drawbacks of each position. The user of the counter should use the position they feel is the best fit for them.

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