How To Prevent Plumbing Problems In Your Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental owner, you have numerous concerns to attend to other than making your property look pristine and amazing on booking websites. And one of the most important aspects you need to be concerned about is your plumbing system.

After all, guests won’t be so happy to experience toilet backflow or shower with cold water when they paid good money for the accommodation. And dissatisfied guests can easily ruin the reputation of your vacation rental.

To help prevent plumbing issues in your vacation rental and keep guests happy, here are some tips to consider.

1. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Commercial plumbing systems are complex with pipes well hidden under floors and behind walls. What’s more, plumbing systems in vacation rentals often work harder and are more prone to wear and tear due to varying guest habits and use.

Thus, preventive maintenance is critical to keep your vacation rental’s plumbing system healthy and in its best working condition. Make sure to schedule routine inspections and checkups on your plumbing system at least once a month to look for any visible signs of a deteriorating system early on. This way, you can easily prevent any catastrophic and costly plumbing issues.

That said, if you don’t have the time to do a preventive plumbing inspection and maintenance on your own, you can simply hire the experts. For instance, a reputable Sapulpa, OK commercial plumbing service provider can conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance for commercial plumbing systems.

They can assess all areas and components of your plumbing and determine components that need immediate repair or replacement. They can help you spot even the smallest issues and resolve them accordingly to prevent more serious issues in the future. In general, a commercial plumbing system that undergoes regular preventive plumbing inspection is less likely to develop problems in the future.

2. Lower The Water Pressure

Too high water pressure can cause various issues in your plumbing system including leaks and burst pipes. While you may be tempted to keep water pressure high to accommodate several vacation rental properties or your guests’ varying needs, lowering water pressure can help reduce the strain on water connections and prevent damage to joints and fixtures.

It also helps protect water-using appliances such as water heaters from unnecessary pressure, thereby extending their lifespans. Plus, lowering water pressure can help conserve water and prevent guests from wasting this valuable resource.

That said, you don’t want to annoy your guests with a sluggish plumbing system due to low water pressure either. In general, you want to keep the water pressure level at around 30–60 PSI. You can use a hose bib gauge to test and monitor water pressure. Always watch out for pressure deviations and resolve any potential issues that cause low water pressure.

Watch this video to learn more about low water pressure:

3. Post Notes And Instructions For Guests

Whether you have a new plumbing system you want to maintain properly from the get-go or your vacation rental is currently experiencing some plumbing limitations, you need to let your guests know so that they don’t do damage to the system.

Notes and instructions are important to inform guests of the proper use of the plumbing system and fixtures. You can detail what not to throw down the toilet or garbage disposal. During check-in, you can also include plumbing instructions on your rules and regulations while using the property. Doing so helps guide your guests and prevent them from causing serious plumbing issues.

4. Give Guests Access To Basic Tools

Give Guests Access To Basic Tools

Whether you have a short- or long-term vacation rental property, you want to give your guests the necessary tools and resources to solve minor issues on their own. While it’s easier to just give your number so they can call you in terms of plumbing issues or other concerns with your vacation rental property, some guests may prefer to solve minor issues themselves instead of calling you over, which can be an inconvenience to you both.

So, make sure to equip the property with the tools needed for basic issues. For instance, you can place a plunger in the bathroom or a clog remover under the sink. You should add trash bins in the bathroom and kitchen so that guests are less likely to flush non-septic-friendly paper products or food debris down the toilet and kitchen sinks.


Plumbing in a vacation rental property is one of the key systems that need to work properly to maintain an amazing experience for your guests. Everything from being able to shower and having a working toilet comes under the umbrella of plumbing systems. Having trouble with any of these components can reduce your guests’ satisfaction and harm your property’s reputation.

So, make sure to implement the above-mentioned tips to keep your vacation rental’s plumbing system in tip-top shape and avoid costly and annoying plumbing issues.