How To Prevent Locking Your Children In The Car


Even the most vigilant parents can fail once or twice in keeping a close eye on their children. There’s no reason for you to feel ashamed about it. After all, it’s quite a challenge for people to survive and thrive in this modern world where distractions hide in almost every corner. However, if you lock your kids inside your vehicle accidentally, you should get in touch with a professional automotive locksmith McDonough as soon as possible. By adhering to the following tips, you can prevent such events from reoccurring.

1. Take your children everywhere: Of course, you probably wouldn’t want your kids to come with you on a date night. However, if you take them with you, you mustn’t lock them up inside your automobile. For instance, if you’re going to make a brief stop to purchase something from a store, make sure to take your kids inside. You should also remember the fact that keeping children locked inside a vehicle is illegal in some states.

2. No access: Regardless of where you go, you must keep the keys to the automobile away from the reach of your children. The automatic locking mechanism of car keys facilitates keyless entry, but it can also make a child lock himself/herself inside accidentally. A locksmith Stone Mountain can create a duplicate key for you at a significantly lower price than your car dealership.

3. Speak to the caregiver: You must stay in touch with your kid’s caregiver so that the person can call you if your child fails to show up at daycare. There have been numerous instances in the past where parents forgot that they locked their children inside their cars. They simply left for their respective workplaces in a hurry. If you wish to avoid such a situation, you can download an app on your smartphone that’ll alert you if your child doesn’t reach daycare.

4. Pay attention to the seats: Whenever you leave your vehicle, remember to inspect the backseat for your children. You should also set up a reminder on the car’s dashboard or place one of your kid’s toys in the front seat. Both can work as a visual reminder. Or, consider giving your wallet or phone to your child sitting in the backseat.

5. Increase visibility: If you have a car seat for your kid, consider setting it up in the middle of the backseat. In doing so, it should be easy for you to keep tabs on him/her just by looking at the rearview mirror. If he/she sits directly behind the driver’s seat, you won’t be able to see your child.

6. Don’t use your phone too much: A locksmith McDonough doesn’t need to remind you of the dangers of operating a phone while driving the car. You mustn’t do it, especially if you’re traveling with your child. Initiating a deep conversation that demands all your attention can distract you. Even if you don’t crash your vehicle, you may just lock him/her up inside by mistake.

A locksmith McDonough

7. Changes in daily routines: The possibility of locking your child inside the car will inevitably increase if your daily routine changes in one way or another. For example, if you choose to visit the departmental store before going to the office, or if you adjust your schedule, remember to update your kid’s drop-off time beforehand. Your phone can help you with this task. You can set a reminder to alert you if you need to take him/her to daycare, school, or anywhere else.

8. Keep a locksmith on speed-dial: As already mentioned in this write-up, mistakes can happen. You’re a regular person, after all. So, when the unthinkable happens, you should have the phone number of an automotive locksmith Stone Mountain on speed dial. It’ll let you get in touch with an emergency service provider immediately. Or, dial 911. They’ll arrive, break one of the windows, and extract your child.

The takeaway

Professional locksmiths provide their services during emergencies. They can arrive on-site as quickly as government emergency service providers. It’s always beneficial to opt for the first option because they offer their services at affordable rates. On the other hand, emergency service providers will break the door lock or the window to save your child. As a result, your expenses will increase in the long run because you’ll need extensive repairs. The rest depends on what you prefer.

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