How to Keep Your HVAC Air Ducts Cleaner for a Longer Period of Time


Cleaning the air ducts and systems is critical for maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere. Failure to maintain your HVAC system regularly might raise your and your family’s risk of sickness. Construction debris such as fiberglass, gypsum dust, silicates, and other dangerous pollutants from as long as 15 years ago are frequently found in air vents.

If there is a rodent or insect infestation, excessive dust, and debris, or significant visible mold growth within your air ducts or on the other components of your HVAC system, you should consider having them cleaned. While duct cleaning is only required regularly, there are techniques to reduce the building of particles inside the ducting and therefore assist lengthen the service life of your heating and cooling system. Here are a few examples:

Replace The Air Filter Regularly.

Replace The Air Filter Regularly

Most forms of indoor air pollutants may be caught by air filters, emphasizing the need of replacing the air filter in home ventilation systems. Depending on the thickness of your air filter, it may need to be updated every one to three months, or once a month if you have dogs in your house.

During peak usage, homeowners should check their air filters once a month and replace them if they become clogged. A filter that is an inch thick should last approximately a month, and a filter that is three inches thick should last around three months. This is significant because the filter serves as the first line of protection against particles. This easy maintenance procedure will keep a lot of junk out of your ducts and help your heating system work more effectively. It will also assist to extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

Vacuum and Dust More Often

Vacuum and Dust More Often

Dust, dander, and other particles that may accumulate in heating and air conditioning ducts arrive from all directions. Maintaining a regular house cleaning regimen might assist in preventing these pollutants from entering your HVAC system. Keeping your interior areas clean can also help to maintain excellent indoor air quality and avoid asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

Another method for minimizing dust in the ducts is to minimize dust everywhere. There are simple strategies to reduce dust in your house, beginning with more frequent cleaning and dusting. This will not only save you money on heating, but it will also enhance the quality of your indoor air. If you are doing any sort of construction work on your house, you will also want to do everything possible to keep dirt from seeping inside and covering your vents and registers.

Ensure Clean Air Circulation In The House

Ensure Clean Air Circulation In The House

Aside from cleaning your house regularly, investing in an air purifier is another option to keep your HVAC system’s air ducts clean. Remember that not all air purifiers are created equal, so do your homework before purchasing one. Filters in air purifiers, like those in your HVAC system, must be updated regularly for them to function correctly during their service life.

Vacuum The Ducts

Vacuum The Ducts

Air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years to eliminate any pollutants that have accumulated. During a normal air duct cleaning, the ducts are sealed and exposed to negative pressure before a brush-like mechanical device is used to knock the dust and other particles free. Negative pressure acts as a vacuum, sucking particles into a trashcan. Seams and joints can also be sealed using sealant, which comes in the form of a sprayed-on caulk or an aerosol. Sanitization of the ducts may also be performed to avoid smells produced by mold and bacteria.

The frequency with which you should have your ducts cleaned is mostly determined by the number of people in your house, the number of pets you have, and your daily activities. The ideal approach to duct cleaning is to contact a professional, have them clear your ducts, and then decide on an appropriate plan for your property.

Regular Maintenance Should Be Scheduled

Regular Maintenance Should Be Scheduled

An HVAC technician should inspect your furnace once a year. They may clean the unit, inspect it for any issues or repairs, and ensure that everything is in working condition. Making small repairs such as checking and replacing a faulty valve with an XHVAL valve will help keep your heating and cooling system running well and prevent severe malfunctions.

Duct cleaning is not often included in standard maintenance schedules by HVAC professionals. They do, however, assist in keeping other portions of the system clean. Ascertain that your contractor cleans the cols, drains, and other moving parts. This will keep dust and grime from entering the ducting and causing damage to your heating and cooling system.

Leave the Air Vents Open

Leave the Air Vents Open

When the vents are closed, dirt and debris gather more quickly in the air ducts. Air vents feature little levers that allow you to modify them, so keep them open most of the time. There should also be no obstacles around the vents, such as furniture or decor, as much as feasible. Add this to your list of AC and furnace inspections.


Regular duct cleaning and furnace maintenance keep dust out of your heating system, preventing it from failing prematurely.

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