How To Insulate A Garage Roof And Ceiling


There are many benefits of having insulation in the garage. Regardless of what you use this room for, insulation is a great way to not only keep in heat and energy, but it can also be used to keep in the light, noise, and electricity.

Preserving energy in this way can reduce your bills at the end of every month, as well as keep the garage a secure place for entertaining. Most homes have insulation across the space, but the garage is the one place that gets neglected.

Even if you are only using this space as storage, having garage roof insulation is something you should consider because it can offer additional protection. Insulation can also protect the other rooms around the garage and above it, so it is something to consider.

Installing insulation in the garage is something you can hire a professional to do, but it is also an easy job to do yourself if you are looking to save money.

Why Should I Install Garage Insulation?

As we have mentioned, there are many benefits to insulation in the garage.

Whether this is to protect the space itself, keep in heat, light, and energy, or to offer additional security to the rooms around it, the garage should be insulted like the home. Even if you are only using the garage for storage, there is likely going to be a bedroom or living space above it that is suffering due to the lack of insulation.

Insulating the garage roof and ceiling will prevent heat from escaping, and making the room above it too hot to live in. If you are using the garage as a spare room or entertainment space, insulation will keep it at a comfortable temperature and make your energy bills cheaper by keeping in the energy you are using.

Like any other room in the home, having proper insulation in the garage allows you to maximize the heating and cooling of this space without worrying about heat escaping or expensive bills at the end of the month.

There are many benefits to insulating the garage, and this is something you can do yourself.

How To Insulate The Garage Yourself

Insulating the garage ceiling yourself is a great way to cut costs while also getting the benefits of having an insulated space.

It is possible to insulate the garage yourself within a day or two, depending on the size of the space and your experience. With some help, this job can be done quickly, and you will experience the benefits of the insulation for years to come.

Step 1: Prepare The Space

There is some preparation work that you need to do before insulating the garage, such as surveying the area and measuring the space. This allows you to see what kind of work needs to be done and how much insulating material you will need.

During this preparation process, you should also determine what kind of insulation you will be using. There are various forms of insulating material you can use in the garage, such as fiberglass.

Once you know the dimensions of your garage ceiling, you can go out and buy the materials without wasting money on unnecessary amounts.

Step 2: Repair Any Damage

During the preparation of the garage, you may notice some damage to the roof or ceiling.

This is your chance to repair these issues, which may be something you can do alone, depending on the severity. Any holes or damage to the ceiling should be repaired before you can install the insulation, as you need to be working with a solid surface.

Some common issues you may have to deal with include water damage, which is a common thing to impact the garage – specifically the rafters of the ceiling. You want to ensure you do not have any more water leaking into the garage, especially if you have a flat roof.

In some cases, it may be best to have a professional assess the area for you, but this can come at an additional cost.

Step 3: Install Vents or Baffles

Before you can add the insulation to the garage ceiling, you need to prepare the space once more. This is where you will install rafter vents or baffles, which are designed to further keep in heat and energy, supporting the insulation when it is finally installed.

Depending on your garage and the space you are working with, rafter vents or baffles may be preferred. Within these two categories are more options, such as the materials of the vents to consider.

Baffles are easy to install as they can be stapled to the ceiling to offer the additional protection you need duing this time, and there are many material options, including plastic and aluminum.

Step 4: Insulation

Now that the space has been prepared, it is time to install the insulation that you have cut to the right dimensions.

The best way to install the insulation will vary based on the material you choose, with fiberglass being the most popular choice for both the insulation it provides as well as how easy it can be to add to your garage.

In most cases, you should be able to install insulation to the garage ceiling yourself, and this can offer long-term benefits when done right.


When done right, garage insulation can offer many benefits to this space and is something you will wish you had done sooner. Unlike other areas of the home, the garage is usually neglected when it comes to insulation, so doing this job yourself can make all the difference.

With the right materials and preparation, you can install insulation to the garage ceiling yourself. Insulation can reduce energy bills every month, meaning it is a worthwhile project to do yourself, and it is possible to get it done within a day, as long as you have the right materials on hand.

Garage insulation can be a lifesaver and will make this space habitable.



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