How to Install Hand held Shower With Slide Bar


Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes. In the same family, mom and dad can be shorter, but the kids tall. This means that bathing is a battle. A fixed shower is often a challenge in homes with adults and children as each user has a different height. A short person would find the shower challenging, especially if they cannot reach the showerhead or controls to regulate the change settings or to regulate the flow. Handling the showerhead in your hand can provide the solution but is not sufficient given when placed on the shower stall it may be too tall for a child. Shower slide bar was introduced to put an end to this particular problem.

Hand held shower head with slide bar is an easy and effective solution for households where family members with different heights use the same shower. It can be installed in several configurations. The shower slide bar is flexible enough to allow the user to move the showerhead to a different location in respect to height and adjust it to the angle that would allow him or her shower in a comfortable position. Here is a step-by-step process of how to install a handheld shower head with slide bar:

  • First, a suction cup is used to attach the shower slide bar to marble surround or an existing tile.
  • Second, the existing showerhead is removed and the pipe wrench locked into the pipe that extends from the walls. 
  • The pipe wrench is then positioned close to the shower walls then carefully rotated to loosen the pipe.
  • Once the pipe is loose, the wrench is removed and the pipe unthreaded by hand
  • Next, a Teflon tape is wrapped around a brass nipple after which it is threaded into a pipe stub-out in the wall.
  • The brass nipple is then tightened with a pipe wrench leaving a small part of the nipple protruding from the wall, after which the wall-supply elbow (that usually comes with the showerhead) is threaded onto the nipple.
  • The wall-supply elbow is then covered with a thick cloth and tightened into the nipple using a pipe wrench.
  • Next, the slide bar is mounted by pushing the mounting bracket onto both ends of the slide bar and adjust to the desired height.

Installing a slide bar is essential because they make it easy for the user to put water where they need it and can easily allow one to rinse out the soap or their hair. Regarding where to put the shower slide bar, the slide bar should be positioned against the wall with its bottom end approximately fifty-two inches above the tub: his position accommodates almost everyone. To install a handheld shower diverter:

  • Remove the existing showerhead by unscrewing it from its base
  • Place the diverter valve into the water pipe where you just removed the existing showerhead and ensure you have snug it fit to avoid leaks.
  • Place the original or existing showerhead on the diverter valve, then mount the handheld showerhead onto the diverter valve
  • Run the water to test the handheld shower diverter valve for any leaks.

Moreover, a handheld showerhead should be mounted at any height that members of the family find it comfortable. This means that it is essential to install the showerhead at a reachable height which is between seventy-two to seventy-eight inches. Further, you can run two shower heads on one valve to create a spa-like feeling. Besides, you can also have an option where you can set different temperatures for each shower head. The purpose of a shower slide bar is to allow the user to adjust it according to their requirement by loosening it and sliding it to where it is ideal for them.


In summary, a handheld shower with slide bar is rapidly growing in popularity mainly because it can be adjusted to allow bathers of different heights to shower comfortably. Also, this shower allows the user to lift the handheld sprayer off the slide bar to rinse down the bathroom and the tub, shampoo the dog or wash hair. In other words, the best handheld shower with slide bar was designed to add some extra relaxation to your everyday cleanse with little to no hassle.

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