How to Improve Your Gaming Laptop’s Performance

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Many gamers are into building their own gaming PCs. Though, if you are not that knowledgeable in computer parts, or you are looking for a more portable option to play your favorite games, you can opt for a gaming laptop instead. However, you need to remember that a premium laptop can’t reach the performance of a similarly-priced desktop. But no worries, as you can still use it to play the latest games. You just need to ensure that it is optimized for gaming.

For gaming computers, the hardware can be upgraded. Laptops, on the other hand, have limited upgrade options. With this, how do you think you can improve the performance of a gaming laptop to make it faster? If you have the same question in mind, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you ways on how to optimize your gaming laptop. And when it comes to high-quality computers and other electronic devices that you can purchase online, you can learn more at this site.

1. Always keep your laptop clean and free from dust

Keep in mind that dust and dirt are the enemies of performance, as they can reduce airflow, resulting in overheating. When the heat builds, the processor, GPU, and other components will slow down, making it ineffective for gaming. If you do not have any technical skills, the best that you can do is clean your gaming laptop. However, this is not that simple as most laptops are sealed, and opening it may invalidate the warranty.

The solution is to do very specific cleaning techniques. Aside from the laptop vents, you also need to keep the keyboard of the laptop clean. Ensure that there are no food particles, dust, and other matter that may cause sticky keys. Also, wipe the screen of your laptop regularly using a gentle cloth. If you want to get the components of your gaming laptop cleaned, it’s better to bring it to a professional.

2. Keep your laptop updated for increased gaming performance

One of the things that you can do to speed up your gaming laptop is to install new hardware. You can upgrade its RAM to increase the memory amount and speed. You can upgrade the storage or switch to a solid-state drive or SSD, which will also improve game performance. You can also upgrade your laptop’s battery, as they are famously unable to keep games running for any duration with the full settings enabled. Consider joining a gaming community like f95zone if you like playing games with others.

3. Update your laptop’s drivers for faster gaming

Computers that run macOS, Windows, and Linux are almost all based around the same hardware. It means that whatever OS your laptop has, it is important to keep the drivers up to date. This is easy because the process has been part of the standard OS updates. However, when it comes to upgrading graphic drivers, you need a more hands-on approach. You need to make sure that the GPU management software, such as AMD Gaming Evolved or Nvidia GeForce, is set to update automatically.

4. Try to overclock your laptop’s graphics card for optimized gaming

Overclocking is probably the best way to improve the graphics of your gaming laptop. However, this can be a bit risky for beginners as it can force some additional performance out of the graphics card. But there are tools available for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The main problems, though, are heat and power. It’s because this method uses more electricity. Therefore, you need to adjust the power settings of your laptop correctly.

5. Adjust the power settings of your laptop

For laptop gaming, power management is essential. There are detailed power management options on Windows. If you want a strong gaming experience, it is better that your laptop is connected to a power outlet. You can also change your computer’s power settings to high performance and advance power settings. But there are some gaming laptops where battery settings are managed automatically. Whatever system you use, avoid using less-than-optimum power settings when playing games on your laptop.

6. Close all the background apps to increase the FPS of your laptop

Assuming that you are running Windows 10, you need to ensure that all the other apps are closed before launching a game. After that, check the System Tray, which is part of the Windows taskbar list of apps that are running in the background. Right-click on each icon and close it if it is not important for your game experience.

7. Try to tweak the texture settings to optimize your laptop graphics card

It is also great if you can take a look at the graphics card settings of your laptop, especially if you are going to run a game. You can see there the master controls for shader and texture details, which will tell how your games look. It is better to select a configuration that offers performance oversight. It’s because choosing high-resolution textures will consume your RAM and affect the game’s frame rate. For older or low spec laptops, what you can do is lower the textures and frame rates to increase gaming performance.

These are some of the best tips that we can give on how you can improve your gaming laptop’s performance. We hope these will help you enjoy a smoother and more exciting gaming experience on your laptop.