How to get the best carpet shampooer


What are they? The carpet shampooer refers to home appliances that are designed to clean the floor deeply. They tend to be more effective as compared to vacuuming as they wash out any dirt which is embedded in the carpet. And that is why, when you are picking, you have to go for the best carpet shampooer in the market. The carpet shampooer uses detergent which is concentrated, water and suction to ensure that the lathered foam is whipped after breaking down the particles of dirt that reside in the carpet.

Advantages of carpet shampooers

When you use the carpet shampooers, you will get the following benefits:

  • A clean which is deep: There is a deeper cleaning of the carpet when you utilize a carpet shampooer as compared to using vacuum cleaners. Vacuums will only tackle the carpet’s surface, while with the carpet shampooer, it will be able to clean as well as wash down up to the bottom of each thread of the carpet. If you want the most effective way of removing dirt particles from your carpet, then the carpet shampooer is what to use. All the stains and dirt which are trapped inside the carpet will come out.
  • Special occasions: After a party, you can utilize the services of the carpet shampooer to thoroughly clean before or after a rental inspection or sale.
  • Versatility: The carpet shampooer comes with other attachments that allow you to be in a position to clean the furniture which is upholstered of floors made of hardwood and remove all the spot stains which might be tough to come out.

Disadvantages of carpet shampooers

As much as there are advantages, there are disadvantages too which include:

  • Cost: Purchasing a carpet shampooer might be an expensive venture. So if you plan to use it only once or, occassionally, it might not be worth the cost.
  • Lack of maneuverability: The carpet shampooers can be cumbersome to move and heavy to carry around. In case you have problems with mobility, or where you reside has several stairs, having to do your own carpet shampooing might not be the best option for you.
  • Spot stains: Though utilizing the carpet shampooer might give your carpet a new life lease, there is a possibility that it will not remove red wine stains that occurred several years ago. Such stains are best removed immediately they happen.

Hire, buy or utilize professional services for carpet shampooing?

There are three ways in which your carpet can be shampooed; rent a shampooer, buy a shampooer, or check out for the best carpet shampooing service provider. Each of the methods has its own pros and cons.

Pros for buying a carpet shampooer

  • Flexibility in cleaning whenever you want
  • Clean various areas at different times
  • Regular cleaning has the capacity to prolong the carpet’s lifespan

Cons of buying a carpet shampooer

  • It is costly
  • Bulky when storing
  • It needs manual labor

Pros for renting a carpet shampooer

  • It is affordable
  • It doesn’t need storage
  • You can utilize it for one off events including when an inspection for rentals is happening

Cons for renting a carpet shampooer

  • Limited usage
  • It is laborsome
  • It might not be available when you are in dire need for it

Pros of utilizing professional carpet shampooing services

  • It is going to give you with a cleaning which is very efficient
  • No requirement of manual labor
  • Very important especially of once in a while usage

Cons of utilizing professional carpet shampooing services

  • The most expensive option for occasional use
  • Many companies tend to charge per room
  • You have to work around the schedule of the cleaner

Types of carpet shampooers which are available in the market

You have the option of picking from the two types of carpet shampooers: spot cleaners and upright shampooers.

  • Spot cleaners: If you have small areas that are hard to reach, then this might be the best option of carpet shampooers that you need to go for. They can remove tough stains. Their design cannot clean large areas at the same time. They are handheld making them light, compact, and much easier to store as compared to the upright shampooers.
  • Upright shampooers: It is an alternative that is more affordable as compared to professional cleaning services. They are designed for cleaning which is deep as well as removing odors and dirt. They use a brush which is motorized to ensure that the dirt is lifted up from your carpet and there are several attachments that help in cleaning the hard to reach spots.

With all the pros and cons, and the type of carpet shampooers, you can comfortably choose the one that is going to work well for you in the market. Check out your budget and your individual needs when it comes to carpet cleaning, and get the best that your money can buy.

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