How to Get Rid of Flies The Natural Way

People anxiously wait for the summer season and when it is time, everyone wants to let loose. Not only do we welcome warmth with open arms but enjoy family gatherings and events such as picnics as well. However, while we open our windows to let the breeze in, we have several unwelcomed guests buzzing around in our house. You will eventually find them almost everywhere in the house.

Furthermore, with so much nuisance around, the summer vibe goes right out the window where it first came in. The thing with these buzzers is that they carry diseases and infections and land on food and almost everything we use on a daily basis. Killing them becomes an ultimate challenge. With lightning speed and reactions, these things are almost impossible to catch.  However, we have got some tips for you that will help you get rid of flies effectively without putting too much time and effort.

Basil and Herbs

Basil and Herbs

There are certain plants and herbs, which the flies do not like due to their smell. For instance, Basil is a plant that is not only easily available at local shops but also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that keep the environment around you safe and protected. Grab yourself a basil plant and place it near the windows or any other location, which experiences major flying activity. Furthermore, you could also give a try to bay leaf, lavender, and mint plants and herbs that deter flies as well.

Essential Oils


While essential oils provide numerous benefits to human beings, they are nothing but an enemy to the flies, particularly lavender and eucalyptus. Lavender oil has been used for centuries to keep flying insects away. Furthermore, it was also used on clothing to keep moths from eating clothes. You could easily get a hold of lavender oil from a local shop or make it yourself. Mix/infuse lavender oil with a carrier oil and then store it in a warm place for 48 hours with periodic shaking. Then place the container with oil around the house or use it as a spray.

Plastic Water Bags

The plastic water bag idea is a clever one for sue. As simple as it sounds, just fill a plastic bag with water and place it near the windows or doors. Flies tend to stay away from it due to the way they actually see it. Since flies possess multiple lens to detect movement and light patterns, the reflecting light confuses them and makes them stay away. For them, it is an unidentified object, which could potentially be harmful. Therefore, make as many plastic bags as you want to keep the little buzzers away at all times.

Dish Soap & Vinegar


The dish soap & vinegar mixture is yet another clever idea. This will help you trap flies. Mix both apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a glass that is preferably tall. Now, wrap a plastic wrap around the glass and secure it with a rubber band with poking small holes in it. Since flies are attracted to vinegar, they will fly towards it, through the holes and get stuck due to the dish soap. The flies will eventually sink rather than landing on vinegar.



Camphor is known to have a very strong smell, which of course would disturb the flies. It is a natural product that is also available at any homeopathic store. Like Basil, Camphor also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that are supposed to keep the environment around you both safe and protected. Since Camphor is extracted from the Camphor Laurel Tree’s wood, it contains natural properties that help deter insects. Furthermore, camphor could be bought in tablets, which is then placed on a heat diffuser or a hot plate. Finally, place them under open windows everywhere around the house so that the flies are aware of what they should expect.

Venus Fly Trap


Nature has its own way of dealing with flies. The Venus flytrap is one such example. Easily and readily available at nurseries, these plants are fascinating to see while they are at work. You could place them around your house and it shall trap the flies permanently. Once caught by the venus fly trap, there is absolutely no way for the flies to escape.

Orange Peel

Orange Peel

This might come as a surprise but the orange peel helps significantly with keep flies at bay. Orange peels contain citrus extracts that are used by and in several commercial products as bug repellents. Not only that, but orange peels also possess great fragrance, which allows them to be left around in the house. On one hand where you are successfully deterring flying insects, on the other, spreading great aroma inside the house. However, you need to make sure that the orange peels are fresh and not dried out. By rubbing them together, you release more smell, which helps the remedy work even better.

Final Word

Housefly infestations are not acceptable in any way. If you were to know the number of germs and diseases these things carry, you would get down to killing them right away. However, by placing several fly traps, using natural remedies, and most importantly, keeping your house free of waste food, you reduce the chances of flying infestations. If an infestation does occur, consider the above-mentioned tips to get started.