How to Create a Happy Home

What makes a house a home? It’s how people feel about their place. If they feel happy there, then they consider their house a home.

A cheerful home is never an accident. It happens because of a family’s positive attitudes. It happens when a couple enjoys living with each other without creating conflict through criticism. And it happens when parents foster an environment where their children feel safe, loved, and accepted.

Here are a few suggestions on how to create a feeling of hominess, a shared space where everyone feels they belong.

Build a Happy Marriage

Imagine how you would feel if your spouse and children looked forward to you coming home from work? What’s more, they didn’t whine or complain about anything because they recognized your fatigue and didn’t want to stress you out.

This might seem like a pipe dream but here is how Adina Soclof described her happy marriage in her delightful article, 4 Simple Ways to Create a Happy Home:

My husband would come home from work and our children would all stop what they were doing and come bounding to the door and throw themselves at my husband. The enthusiastic homecoming was enjoyed by all. The kids loved it, my husband loved it and I loved watching the scene unfold before me.

Adopt a Dog

Everyone wants love and acceptance. But while human beings struggle to feel and express this level of unconditional love, it comes naturally to dogs. Few relationships can rival the sense of total acceptance that dogs gift their owners.

If you decide to adopt a dog, one of the most important things you must do is train your dog not to bite. Obedience training will teach your pet basic commands to keep your dog calm in the presence of strangers. Such training is essential. If your dog bites someone, they could sue you for personal injury.

Beautify Your Home

You don’t need a large budget to beautify your home. You can make your house beautiful on any budget and progressively upgrade it.

Here are five suggestions from Reader’s Digest on how to decorate your home on a modest budget:

  • Design each room based on its unique features.
  • Add the right ambiance to a room with color.
  • Change throw pillows for a fresh look.
  • Hang your favorite art on the wall.
  • Make subtle changes with molding, accessories, and new fixtures.

Also You can add a lego table with storage and add it to your kid’s room.

Reduce Clutter

Your house will immediately feel more comfortable when you reduce clutter. But this simple idea might seem overwhelming if you have too much clutter accumulating not enough time to keep things neat, clean, and organized.

Begin by making decluttering less exhausting. Perhaps limit yourself to just 10 minutes a day. Perhaps work only one room a day. Perhaps work only one section of a room a day. Break down the task into a smaller chunk. Either reduce the time to do it or the physical space you want to focus on.

Remove things you just don’t like, need, or use. Depending on their value and condition, sell them on eBay, give them away to family or friends, donate them to a Thrift store, or trash them.

After you’ve cleared the clutter, you should come up with some strategies on how to prevent clutter from returning. You could, for example, put things away after you use them, declutter every day for 10 minutes, or start buying less stuff.

A house becomes a home, when the people who live there appreciate each other, when their pets feel loved, when the house looks beautiful, and when the house has little or no clutter.