How to Add Personality to Your Home


If the day comes that you no longer feel like your home is how you want it to be, it could be time to give it a makeover. Your home is supposed to be a reflection of your personality. You want to see parts of you in every room and make it feel like home. You may not realise it, but the way your place looks can affect your mood. If you have been decorating it with items that were given or came with the house when you purchased or are renting, you can also feel like an outsider. It is always best to pick out your decor, those that mean something to you and appeal to your taste.

Your home is also a place where you can invite guests, one that you can be proud to show off. You want them to see what you are all about by how you arrange your home to the decor you have on display. You could enlist the services of Showhome Interior Design professionals and have them redo your place according to your specifications. 

Below are other ways to add personality to your home.

Give it a paint job

Repainting your home is an inexpensive but effective way of adding in your personality. Whether your current colour scheme has begun to fade, or you are not happy with it, repainting is an excellent option. This time, you can play around with the colours you are most attracted to. Go from room to room and explore all of the possibilities. Not only will a new paint job enhance the appearance of your house, but it will also make you feel more at home, which is what it should do.


While you’re at it, you might want to replace decor that does not hold any special meaning for you. You may have inherited some artwork, but if they do not elicit any emotion from you, you should consider replacing them with those that do. Home decor does not necessarily have to be expensive. What is essential is that it makes you happy just by looking at it. You might even want to get into some DIY projects and decorate your home with things that you make. They are unique, and you can proudly put them on display because they are your personal creations.

Personalise your home exterior

The facade of your home is the first thing people see before entering the house. You can personalise this area too. Repainting is, again, an excellent way to give it that personal touch. If you have a porch, you can add a wooden bench, lounging chair, or use a coffee table and chair to relax outdoors. Colourful throw pillows can also make a lot of difference. Start taking care of a small garden and plant whatever you fancy. Inside and out, you own the place and everyone can see it.

To add personality to your home, the essential thing to remember is that you decorate it according to what you want. Choose your favourite colours and decorative pieces, and arrange them for your comfort and satisfaction.

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