How to Achieve Clean and Safe Drinking Water?


Water is the cornerstone of all life on the planet. Science and studies have shown that a person can go roughly three weeks without any food, however only a few days without water. It is for this reason that we must always have access to clean and safe drinking water. The big question to ask then is how can we go about achieving clean and safe drinking water. It is not as difficult as you think and there are a ton of different options and approaches you can take to clean your water. Here are some ways that you can achieve clean and safe drinking water.

Water Softeners

The concept of a water softener is strange and foreign to some but is quite important to understand. Water that contains plenty of minerals, chemicals, and bacteria is known as hard water. Hard water is perfectly safe for drinking and is the standard type of water that comes through your tap if you do not have any filtration system installed. The problem with hard water however is that these chemicals and minerals can begin to damage your taps and piping over time, eroding and rusting them. This is where a water softener comes in. A water softener helps to remove a lot of the minerals in the water and it is with these differences that you must consider if you need one or not. People claim that water softeners remove all of the minerals from the water, therefore not allowing you to get the necessary nutrients that water would normally have. This is a completely false statement. While water softeners do remove a lot of the minerals in the water, they still leave enough for you to get the nutrients that you need from the water. Water softeners are easy to install as well. They connected to the main water line into your house, ensuring that any water running through the pipes in your house has been filtered and softened first. This means that water from your shower to the water that comes out of your taps has been softened. If you want to have clean drinking water that will also keep your pipes safe from damage, look into installing a water softening system inside your home.

Water Filters

Water filters are your most basic form of achieving safe drinking water. These filters work to remove the lead and harmful contaminants in the water through a variety of different methods. One of the important things to note is that a water filter will not soften your water and will only make it safe for drinking, therefore leaving your pipes at risk if you are in an area with high mineral content water. Does this mean water filters are not good enough? The answer to that is no. As stated above, while water can calcify and damage pipes over time, it takes a very long time for that to occur. At the same time, if you are in an area where there is not a high mineral content in water, the damage is going to be almost negligible. Therefore, you can get away with just having a standard water filter most of the time as it will remove all the harmful elements of the water. If you are looking for standard clean drinking water, ensure that your home has a proper water filtration system in effect.


Reverse Osmosis Water

There is a lot of science behind reverse osmosis water and how it works, but the important thing to understand with it is that reverse osmosis water works to remove almost everything that is in the water. While removing everything from the water might sound like a great idea, it has its pros and its cons. The benefit of this is that the water you are drinking is completely pure and free from any chemicals or bacteria. The cons to this on the other hand is that the water now has an extremely low mineral count as most of these have been removed during the process as well. People have also stated that reverse osmosis water does taste better than its filtered counterparts. Reverse osmosis water is, perfectly pure and will always be safe for drinking.

Each water filtration system comes with its own pros and cons, but it is important to understand and realize that no matter which one you choose, you will be getting completely safe drinking water. The decision then comes down to how much money you are willing to spend on your filtration system and what you want to achieve within your own house. Create a list for yourself so that you can make an educated and rational decision. What water filtration system do you think you need?

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