How To Achieve A Maximalist Style For Your Home


When designing home interiors, you often hear people buzz about minimalist designs and how they’re common in most homes. Almost anyone can tell what minimalism is. It’s about being straightforward, streamlined, and orderly.

While a minimalist style can look clean and refreshing to the eye, a maximalist style also has its own beauty and uniqueness.

Others may think of maximalism as using too many decorations and adding extra fluff. In reality, maximalism is about adding more layers to your visual design by combining texture and patterns or playing with bright colors.

A maximalist design represents the ‘more is more’ concept. However, many homeowners are afraid to take risks and try the maximalism approach for fear that they will create more clutter than a cohesive look.

And so, this article will show you a few ways to achieve a maximalist style for your home successfully.

1. Pick A Cohesive Color Palette

One of the big factors when creating a maximalist design is your choice of color palette. If you’ve noticed, when one opts for the minimalist approach, they focus on using colors that don’t draw much attention, such as nude or earthly colors. But for a maximalist style, you’ll need to choose bold, bright, cohesive colors that replicate your eclectic style and make the space more lively and charming.

Thus, to create a maximalist style, ensure you pick a cohesive color palette that will make the space more vibrant. Be careful not to choose colors that clash with your decorations or furniture pieces, as this would make the room look cluttered and swamped.

For example, if you’re using black, white, or gray decorations, you may choose warm tones (e.g., yellow, orange, red) or cool tones (e.g., cool blues, greens) for your walls to create balance and contrast.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to be generous with the colors for your decorations, pick a solid color for your walls, such as navy blue or black. This way, you don’t end up throwing random colors on your space everywhere, which could result in a chaotic and messy atmosphere.

Remember, the key to a stunning maximalist design is knowing how to mix, match, and balance everything.

2. Dedicate One Wall To Showcase Art

Do you have an intense fascination for framed artworks but are unsure how to put them on display without looking too cluttered? One maximalism design trick you can apply is displaying all your framed artwork together on one wall. Spreading your artworks across the room and hanging them everywhere could make your interiors look messy.

So, gather all your collections of artwork, regardless of colors, sizes, or themes. Their differences will enhance the overall look of the wall, so don’t worry about coordinating the frames or buying the same frame colors for all.

The only rule you’ll follow when you hang them is to ensure the spacing between each frame is equal and uniform. You can keep repeating the same process and add more frames until the entire wall is full or covered with frames. The result will look unique and fabulous.

3. Group The Same Items Together

Couple in love decorating their first apartment, unpacking boxes after moving in, the man hang a picture on the wall, the woman shows her thumb up as a sign that it looks good and hangs evenly

Perhaps you own multiple versions of a decorative item. Instead of getting rid of the rest and keeping just one, why not group them and turn them into a collection of art and design?

For example, if you have many leatherbound books, you can invest in a large bookcase or create a wall shelf and display all the books together. Don’t worry about your books being in different colors or designs, as it’s part of the arrangement.

If you have three or more flower vases, group them on one table and line them up. Grouping the same items together will appear much more impactful and eye-catching than displaying them individually in different spaces.

4. Pay Attention To Your Ceiling

Many people often miss out on their ceilings when decorating their interiors, which is understandable since it’s not always noticeable. But if you’re going with a maximalist approach, you need to start paying attention to your ceilings and add flair to them. After all, the ceiling is considered the fifth wall in every room.

So, take the maximalist approach by covering your ceilings with colorful or patterned wallpaper. Doing this will add more layers to your interiors. Plus, this would also be a pleasant surprise for your guests and will surely make them want to do the same with their decorations.

5. Incorporate Oversized Decor

Another maximalist trick to try is designing your home with oversized decorations. So, when shopping for artwork, furniture pieces, or accessories, don’t be afraid to go big and think big. An oversized solid-colored or patterned decoration can make an impactful and incredible statement.

If you want to emphasize comfort in your home, you may also consider investing in an oversized couch or bean bag and filling it with colorful or patterned throw pillows to add accents.

However, ensure you have enough room for them. Otherwise, large decorations might easily mess up the flow of your house.

Wrapping Up

A maximalist style may seem like a risky style to take. But remember that it isn’t about matching decorations to perfection. Instead, it’s about playing with colors and unifying patterns without the fear of going overscale. So, if you’re looking to try and switch to the maximalism trend, keep these tips in mind and start redecorating your home.

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