How Succulents Have Become the Perfect Gift


Are you looking for the perfect gift? Whether it be for a birthday, housewarming, or graduation party in this article we will list the reason why succulents have become the go-to gift for so many occasions.

1. It’s Easy to Send Succulents

With the advent of the internet and the ability to buy anything online, surprisingly now you can even buy succulents online and send succulents as gifts to your friends and family. Before when living far away from a person and you wanted to gift a succulent this process usually was incredibly hard and difficult. This is because succulents are live plants, and few people wanted to take the risk to ship a live plant across the country as a gift. The internet has taken the difficulty out of gifting succulents as now you can have the ability to buy succulents online and have it shipped and delivered to anyone

2. Succulents Are Unexpected

The first reason why succulents as gifts are so great is because gifting these days has become so predictable. Most people resort to cards, wine, or chocolate as safe gifts for friends and family. Although these gifts are great, they tend to not leave an impression or allow your friends or family to feel special. There’s no better way to make your friends and family feel special and stand out from the crowd than with a succulent gift. This is because using succulent as a gift is unexpected, and what’s cooler than opening up a package and receiving a succulent!

3. Succulents Add Character and Personality

Gifting succulents have become so popular because succulents as gifts have a personal sentiment to both the one giving the gift and the one receiving the gift. Gifting a plant holds a more personal connection with the person receiving the gift. It is common for the person who receives the succulent as a gift to remember the gift giver whenever they see the succulent. Moreover as the succulent grows this symbolizes a growth in friendship and companionship to the gift giver.

4. Succulents Purify the Air

Another reason succulents make great gifts is because of their ability to purify the air. When succulents undergo photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This process of photosynthesis purifies the air. So when gifting a succulent, your friend or family member will not only have something beautiful but also will be able to use their gift to take breaths of fresh oxygenated air while at home.

5. Succulents Improve Mood

The fifth reason why succulents make great gifts is because of their ability to improve mood. Numerous academic studies show that being outside in nature has a significant effect on overall mood. It has been found that being out in nature and around plants significantly positively increases mood. This means that a succulent gift can allow your friend or family members to replicate that feeling of being out in nature while at home. Gifting this experience of being out in nature will surely make your succulent gift stand out from the rest.

6. Succulent Care is Easy

When It comes to gifting plants succulents are the best, because of their easy to care for nature. Succulents are drought-tolerant plants. Succulents love dry arid climates and rarely have to be watered. This means that the person you are gifting a succulent too will rarely ever have to water their succulent gift. If you were to gift another type of plant, then this would come with a wide range of commitments that the person you are gifting the plant too would have to undertake.


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