How can locksmith Brisbane assist if you have lost your car key and have no spare?


In the good old days, it was a lot easier to replace car keys. Typically if you have a key that corresponded with the car that is yours, no problem. Nowadays, though, thing are a bit trickier due to various technological progressions. All the keys that are made today are not universal, therefore, if you have lost your car keys and have no spare you must know the kind of key that you had, before enlisting the services of an auto locksmith Brisbane to assist you. They must know what type of key you need replaced.

Obtaining the required vehicle information

Before contacting a dealership or locksmith after losing your car keys without having a spare, they will require some information. Such information will assist them with obtaining the exact key you require to operate your car. For instance, knowing if the key is a traditional key or a transponder key is only a portion of the whole process. Since there are so many vehicle models today, you must narrow the search to the exact car to get the appropriate key. They will need the car’s VIN number, model, make, and year.

Should you contact a Brisbane locksmith or car dealer?

Fundamentally, you must decide on who would be the appropriate option that can assist you with your dilemma. Each type of service provider has individual pros and cons. For older vehicles, calling a locksmith is probably your best option. Locksmiths can easily make a replacement key and there’s no need to program the key since it is an older car model. For most newer vehicle models, the process is trickier since they have complicated keys that can’t always be replaced by a locksmith, especially if it is a unique car. In such a case, a dealer is your best choice.

Factor in cost and reliability

Most people consider costs, but it’s worth also focusing on reliability. This does not mean you shouldn’t look for the best rates, but you must not overlook that a quality functioning key can last for years to come. Keys are essential when it comes to car security, therefore it is worth paying a bit more for replacing your car keys to ensure they don’t end up being a liability.

Ask for an additional spare key to be made

Once you have decided on who you want to hire to have your replacement key made, you can sit back and have self-assurance once again. It is worth asking the dealer or locksmith for a spare key since it could come in handy to have an extra keys for those unexpected scenarios in future. This way you will be prepared. Losing your keys can happen to anyone at any given time. It may seem to be an unnecessary expense to have a spare made and programmed to the car, but you’ll be thanking yourself in the long-run.


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