How Can A Property Management Team Retain Ideal Tenants In Rentals


Keeping tenants happy to avoid potential loss is essential for a property management company. Expenses attached to losing someone are extensive since management needs to prepare the rental for new tenants, market the space, schedule showings, and then screen potential renters. Find skills each property manager needs to showcase at

Rental preparation means cleaning the interior and exterior thoroughly, painting at minimum the home’s interior and updating to appeal to potential new renters, making necessary repairs, and ensuring everything is in optimum functional order.

In some cases, previous tenants will leave rubbish and even personal belongings like furnishing behind, that of which there might be a need to dispose. It can come with exceptional additional costs depending on the number of things abandoned.

The time and effort involved in preparing a house are intensive when you own real estate property to present only as quality options like you’ll find in a 4rooms Property, meant for rental purposes. Then finding and retaining the perfect tenants for your housing becomes key to your management success. When you have good renters, it’s crucial to find ways to make their experience in the home pleasant and for which staying is worthwhile.

Property Managers Need To Make A Point Of Retaining Their Ideal Tenants

For optimum success in property management, the key to success as a landlord is to ensure that all renters are satisfied and comfortable in their surroundings, particularly those who prove responsible, take care of the property, and handle business timely.

You want to establish an ideal relationship with everyone who rents a property, using a transparent contract outlining all guidelines between the two of you. When you develop an agreement that is concise in making each person’s responsibilities clear aside, including the rental fees, there should be no issue moving forward when problems arise. Some things to be aware of with each renter:

** Always Remain Exceptionally Professional At All Times

You have expectations from your tenant that they will treat you in a particular way, like showing respect, being reliable and responsible when you make a request. The renter has similar anticipation, believing that you will establish a certain level of flexibility and kindness.

The idea is to be mutually respectful, with you being exceptionally professional upon each approach. Set the tone from the beginning when meeting with each renter so every person will know upfront what to expect and can respond accordingly.

** Respond To Phone Calls, Voice Message, Texts, And Emails Immediately

You expect a response from the tenant upon receipt of your messages, and the renter has the same expectation of you. No one wants to deal with an unprofessional property manager since the idea is that someone is responsible for resolving housing issues quickly without the need to continue to repeat calls.

Regardless of the many other obligations you hold, the priority is to answer each call or respond within a 24-hour period to acknowledge the issue and give an expectation for a timely correction.

** Repairs Should Be Quick

Once you have the report of an issue in one of your rental units, it’s essential to send a repair person to assess the problem and develop a plan for taking care of the issue immediately.

Suppose the repairs are above the skills of the maintenance personnel. In that case, it’s essential to assure the renter that there is recognition of the problem and steps taken to assign an adequate repair team to correct the problem right away.

** Long-term Tenants

Any manager who has the benefit of a long-term tenant needs to assure the renter is comfortable, and the housing has regular updates in the way of professional cleaning for the carpeting and updated paint in regular intervals. The standard is generally about every two years.

A good act of faith is to include the client in the decision-making process. When painting, most managers want to stick with a neutral colour plan. Still, it’s possible to stay in the colour family and allow the tenant a little say in which shade they prefer. Also, if the carpeting becomes exceptionally worn and needs replacing, that’s another opportunity to bring the renter’s opinion into the equation.

** Respect The Privacy Of The Tenant At All Times

A tenant’s home is their private residence, and each renter would appreciate your treating it as such. Unless there is a critical reason to gain access to take care of an emergent situation, there’s no need for contact except to exchange funds. Otherwise, there’s no real reason to interact.

If you do need access, whether for pest control or typical maintenance of the property, it’s essential to give adequate notice of at least 24 hours to give the renter plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. But the recommendation for managers is that they do this no more than two times a year with their tenants.

Final Thought

While you might find that you rented the property in a weak market at the time, raising rents to the maximum in legal terms can prove detrimental in retaining the best tenants. Providing ideal rates for quality people can ultimately save you money in the long run from losing clients continuously. Go here for landlord tips.

You might also find it beneficial to add incentives to the leasing guidelines. If you offer a bonus for referring tenants to management, you have the opportunity to get more ideal renters from friends of those already renting from you.

Also, give unique tokens of appreciation to those in your rental agreements which are perfect clients. You can provide gift cards, small Christmas gifts, little gestures of mutual respect that will ultimately make them enjoy what they have with their home that much more.

It’s tough to retain good people in rental units. Ultimately, the best tenants choose to leave for a different, maybe better opportunity like buying their place. If management takes it upon themselves to make the place as ideal as the renters are, it won’t cross the tenant’s mind to move on to something different.

Additional Suggestions

  • If you’re thinking about moving out of your rental space and need home insurance, you can visit this page to learn how an insurance advisor can help you save on coverage.
  • Read the Residential Tenancies Act to know more about the laws and rules regarding rentals.
  • You may also want to read the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
  • Before renting a property, be sure to read the safety guidelines first.
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