Home Cleaning 101: How a Professional Clean Makes All the Difference


Those of you who have ever had a professional cleaning can attest to the difference it can make.

There must have been some gleaning going on. This is so much better than regular cleaning. Let’s get real here – what are the differences between a regular cleaning and a professional one?

The house is not visible to a professional cleaner when they enter it. The work is visible to them. Understanding this difference is crucial, as it has a profound impact on your outlook.

Getting the job done as quickly as possible is the best way to utilize a professional cleaner’s time. They should not be distracted by your home. It is easy to get distracted by the kids, begin cleaning a room, or become engrossed in old photos.

Start with tip number one – clean like a professional.

How to Clean a Room Professionally?

Create a cleaning plan for each room within minutes. Each time you clean, this will benefit you. Obtain the cleaning chemicals and equipment that you will need.

Once you walk into the room, take a moment to assess the situation. Cleaning professionals will not rearrange your closets. If you have a lot of clutter, you might want to start by getting rid of it.

After decluttering the place, it makes sense to take out the trash. Learn the mantra of a cleaner by getting your surfaces clean.

Start High

Cleaning a room properly can only be accomplished by a professional cleaner. Always begin at the top when cleaning. It is a time-tested rule.

Without cleaning the ceiling, walls, and fans, you can easily cover newly cleaned surfaces with dust. Do not do this.

If you are going to do high cleaning, put on a dust mask first. Wear one if you haven’t worn one before!

Using a long-handled duster, dust the ceiling and upper portions of the walls. Dusk can be moved around the room by shaking your duster outside.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a long-handled duster. Dusters or microfiber cloths can be used to remove dust from brooms.

Next, dust ceiling fans and light fixtures using a safe stepladder. If it’s been a while, you may see clouds of dust. You can dust with some vacuum cleaner attachments as well.

It is important not to overlook the tops of closets and cabinets. Having completed the high surfaces, you can now move onto the lower level. Install curtains and blinds on the windows.

Dust Like Pro

You need a microfiber cloth when you work with wood furniture, picture frames, and tables.

The microfiber on smooth surfaces traps dust and microbes very effectively. Work your way down from the upper left corner of a surface. This is the pattern you need to follow horizontally and vertically, and you’ll never miss a spot.

Do you think you would be tempted to wipe the tops of your furniture quickly? You’re not a professional. If you want your home to remain dust-free, you should wipe all sides of it.

Soft furnishings are also handled by professionals. Use a rubber glove to run your fingers over the surface. Clean it thoroughly with a vacuum.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning

The principles of good cleaning should also be applied to the cleaning of bathrooms.

For a professional-looking clean, begin with the high surfaces. Follow this by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces or hire house cleaning services fort collins. Use designated cloths for cleaning bathrooms, toilets, and vanities.

Using Microfiber as a cleaning cloth is a great choice, since it is able to remove harmful microbes.

It is important to keep your bathroom clean on a regular basis. This prevents dirt, lime deposits, and moisture from building up. They can be difficult to remove once they accumulate.


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