Hazards of Distracted Driving Every Parent Should Know


A few moments of taking your eyes off the road can lead to untoward accidents, and this is greatly caused by distracted driving. Particularly, cell phone use while driving has greatly been involved in thousands of vehicular crashes, and worse, has even taken a lot of lives.

Hazards of Distracted Driving Every Parent Should Know

It only takes 5 seconds of texting for an accident to happen. Even with new hands-free technology, such as “infotainment” dashboards and GPS trackers, anyone can still be distracted visually and through sounds and music. More importantly, such technologies take our focus off our driving, which translates to trouble on the road.

Multi-tasking may be an important feat for us, parents, but it can lead to disaster when we do it while driving. Read more about the dangers of distracted driving through this infographic. Let’s all keep our families and pedestrians safe by being responsible drivers on the road.

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