Get Smart With Smart Toilet Seats


Smart and toilet are two words that you probably have not seen go together, but thanks to innovators like TOTO, smart toilets are steadily gaining popularity across the world. In particular, the TOTO washlet has caused quite a stir in the smart home tech industry, making flushing and cleansing after toilet use much easier and more economical.

How Does the Smart Toilet Seat Work?

Smart toilets take advantage of wireless technology to cleanse the user and the toilet bowl before and after use with sensors built into its system. Some brands even automatically close and open the toilet seat. This hands-free toilet experience enhances hygiene and reduces the effort needed for manually cleaning the toilet, making a whole new level of cleanliness possible.

What Are the Features of a Smart Toilet Seat?

Smart toilet seats like the TOTO washlet spray the bowl with electrolysed water, the same water used to clean and disinfect most food preparation products. This misting happens each time before you use the toilet, ensuring its cleanliness. Aside from the pre-mist, the smart toilet seat resprays the bowl after each flush, reducing the dirt and grime that could stick to the toilet bowl and eliminating the need for chemical cleaning products, which are usually toxic.

Personal cleansing with smart toilets is facilitated by the wand jet, which extends when needed then neatly retracts away from view when not in use. It offers different cleansing pattern options, depending on the need of the user. The wand position itself can be easily adjusted to suit your preference. It can oscillate back and forth for thorough cleansing of a wider area. The spray can be set to a pulsating rhythm for more accuracy. Leading brands like the TOTO washlet offer the Air in Wonder Wave, a technique that infuses air into the water droplets for a more comfortable but effective cleansing experience while consuming less water.

To those who are unfamiliar with the smart toilet seat technology, a common concern is the cleanliness of the wand jet itself. But these toilet seats have an automatic self-cleaning feature that ensures sanitation before and after use. What’s more? These attachments are made of silicone material, which is extremely resistant to dirt and bacteria.

Aside from being more hygienic, smart toilet seats are more economical and sustainable. They use the Tornado Flush technology consisting of two nozzles that can create a strong vacuum when flushing. This description may sound messy, but it has the exact opposite effect. It is used only in reference to its power in rinsing out the waste while using less water than a traditional toilet. It saves time and water, the important resources. Using a smart toilet seat also eliminates the need for toilet paper. Its pre-misting and self-cleaning features reduce the consumption of detergents and other cleaning products. In the long run, switching to a smart toilet seat is more economical, especially for households with many members.

Smart Toilet Seats: The Smart Choice

Smart toilet seats are slowly outgrowing their reputation as a luxury item. With the money that can be saved from the elimination of toilet paper use, reduced maintenance and cleaning, and decreased water consumption, you can easily recoup its higher upfront cost. With the added benefits of enhanced hygiene and more pleasant toilet experience, the smart toilet seat is aptly named.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.

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