Get Inspiration for Your Pool with These 3 Pool Design Trends


Recently, there have been many eye-appealing pool design trends taking over the scene. However, the perfect pool design is more than the aesthetic appeal; it must strike a balance between attractiveness and functionality. It is also necessary to make your swimming pool practical by bearing in mind the intended use. For example, the pool could be used for relaxation, exercise, or health purposes. Regardless of the intended use, coming up with a state-of-art swimming pool is the primary goal. Fortunately, many designs can blend a stylish and functional pool. If you aim to develop a great pool that integrates with the unique nature of your landscape, then this article has a list of ideas to explore.

1. Merge your indoor and outdoor space with a custom-designed pool

Your pool design is an integral part of your home design. You may, therefore, want its design to integrate with the rest of the property seamlessly. Additionally, the pool should complement the theme of your background while adding an impressive touch to the overall design. The tone of your pool surrounding should contrast with the pool colour. Thus, aim for a lighter pool colour than the surrounding features – go for soft blue hues to make it pop. It will immediately draw your eye and offer an appealing element to your backyard landscape. Furthermore, a lighter pool colour has a higher reflection of the sun rays, maintaining cool temperatures inside the pool. 

2. Simplify maintenance and maximise health benefits with a mineral pool

Many install a backyard pool to enjoy some aquatic exercise in the morning or after a long day at work. If this is the case, you will want better water quality to make the most of the intended health benefits. The best choice is a mineral pool. Contrary to the traditional chlorinated or salt pools, mineral pools use natural minerals to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. The unbalancing chemical filtration system used in other pools leads to itchy eyes or skin irritation, but this is not the case here, as the harshness of chlorine is eliminated to give a gentle feel on your skin.

Additionally, it can improve circulation, reduce muscle pain, relieve stress, and is recommended for kids with eczema. Besides the convenience and luxury that come with pool ownership, it is your responsibility to ensure it is in good condition. Most mineral pools are cleaned using an advanced oxidation process, which has proven effective in removing contaminants without corroding the pool or its fittings.

3. Get your daily exercise in a plunge pool.

Another excellent option for a swimming pool design is a plunge pool. These are perfect for small backyards. They don’t take up too much space, making it possible to enjoy a swim in your pool no matter your backyard size. Plunge pools can also be installed in a free-standing position instead of in-ground installation. Better still, it is possible to perform your swimming exercise regime within a plunge pool. By fitting a swim jet system in the pool, you can enjoy an endless resistance training session. The swim jet system simulates the natural conditions of the pool by providing an artificial current of resistance. It provides an all-body workout since all muscles are involved in the process; thus, efficiently toning your muscles and building their strength. Moreover, swimming as an exercise keeps the heart rate up and strengthens cardiovascular fitness.

Backyard pools have slowly become a must-have for most homeowners. Consider the three options discussed above and choose which best fits you.

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