Garage Door 101: Parts and Components


You may not put much consideration into your garage door — until it begins to malfunction, that is. Truthfully speaking, garage doors have a lot of parts. Some are visible from the exterior of your home, others from inside the garage. All these parts need to be well maintained for the door to look and function as it should.

If you’ve recently begun experiencing garage door problems, it may be helpful to acquaint yourself with all the parts and components of your garage door.

Exterior Garage Door Parts

This includes all the parts visible from the outside of your home. They contribute greatly to your home’s curb appeal and will also affect the cost of your new garage door.

Door Face

The door face includes everything you see from the exterior side of the door. This includes elements such as windows, panels, decorative trim, and hardware. The front of your garage door may contain materials such as composite, wood, or glass.

Door Frame

The door face is mounted to the door frame. This gives the door its sturdiness and helps to reinforce it against weather and trauma. Garage door frames are typically made from steel or aluminum.

Bottom Seal

The bottom seal runs between the bottom of the door and the pavement or asphalt of your driveway. It helps keep moisture and insects out of your garage.


Panels are attached to the face of the garage door and come in several configurations, including:

  • Double
  • Bifold
  • Trifold


Trim sits on top of the panels and is a decorative element that is often used to separate windows, border the entire door, or appear to separate the door into sections.


Not all garage doors have windows, but they are a popular addition for many homeowners. They serve two purposes: allowing natural light into your garage and serving as a decorative element. They may be made of durable polycarbonate or real glass.


Lite is simply a fancy term for the individual panes in a garage door window assembly.


The muntins are the dividers placed between the lines of the windows. Often, these dividers are made to look like they separate the windows into separate panes.


Garage door hardware is often decorative to complement the style of the door. It consists of things such as strap hinges, handles, latches, clavos, and ring pulls.

Interior Garage Door Components

The interior door components are less for appearance and more for efficiency. They control how your door works and functions.


The garage door spring allows you to open the door by hand as well as with a door opener. It counteracts the gravity, so the door feels light enough to lift by hand.


The sections are the horizontal panels that make up the garage door. They roll up to retract across the ceiling of your garage with the door open. Swing-type doors do not have sections.


The rollers enable the door to glide smoothly on the tracks.

Door Track

The door tracks are made of metal and house the rollers. Tracks allow the door to open and close smoothly.

If you’re having issues with your garage door closing properly, you may need to repair or replace one or more components.

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