Four work-from-home office styles


Working from home is here to stay. Since the pandemic, many employees and businesses have discovered the benefits of working from home. It can boost productivity, inclusivity and save money for the business and worker. Indeed, 26 per cent of Brits plan to work from home permanently in the future, while 60 per cent of the population worked from home during the first lockdown. All this means that you need a quality, relaxing home office to work from. Below, we explore four of the best styles.


An outbuilding or a garden office can be an excellent choice for working from home. The beauty of an outbuilding is that it isn’t connected to your house – you’ll be able to escape the chaos of the kitchen or the lounge. Plus, you’ll be able to open one door and find yourself outside in the tranquillity of your garden. You can make an outbuilding by converting a shed, or by finding space for foundations in your garden. From there, just add cosy rugs and furniture to really make the place your own.

Fitted offices

The thought of overhauling your office space yourself can be daunting. But by purchasing a fitted office, you can enlist the help of experienced professionals to build a new office for you. You’ll have your room measured beforehand and then professionals will create a design for you based on the style you’ve selected. This can give you a sleek, smart office with a minimum of hassle. You can go for a classic style with hand-painted panels and study furniture. Or you could go for a more abstract and spacious contemporary option. Then there’s an easy living space that emphasises simplicity and practicality by fitting into any space you have available.

Under-the-stairs office

Do you make the most of your space under the stairs? The chances are that this area goes unused, even though you could fit an office here. With the right décor and some vibrant flowers to brighten the space up, you could create a cosy and productive workspace.

Cornered-off space

If you don’t have a spare room available, then you could try cornering off part of a room that you don’t use. This simply needs to be an area where you can concentrate. From there, you’ll just need essentials such as headphones, a lamp and a stand for your laptop.

Working from home can help you become more productive and save money, while also being more comfortable. And by creating yourself an office from any of the choices above you’ll be all set to enjoy these benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Infographic provided by Shipping Container Rental Company, Container Alliance

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