Five Ways to Take Your Garage to the Next Level


Everyone knows that a garage is built to stow your vehicles but, with enough space to use for other productive activities, you may want to revamp your garage or take it to a whole new level. If you are thinking right now how to build your garage best to become the best space you can have, ask for help from expert professionals at Privateers Garage.

Here are also five fantastic ideas to take your garage to the next level:

Set Up a Storage System

Any house wouldn’t have just enough storage for all their stuff, so a garage space would come in handy with DIY storage systems, overhang plastic boxes, or cabinets that can accommodate more space. For houses with attic storage that is overflowing with rubbish, your garage can accommodate the rest, given it has enough space to store them.

You can set up hooks for your coveralls, clamps for your mountain bikes or kids electric scooters, or even a surface for your toolboxes and emergency kits. In countries with challenging weather like heavy rain or snow, your garage can accommodate temporary garbage storage until it is okay to get them out on the primary bins outside the house. Whether or not your garage is spacious, there is more than enough space in the garage than just your vehicles.

Revamp your Garage Facilities

Revamp your Garage Facilities

Does an automatic garage door sound like an excellent idea for you? With the latest technology, plus the affordable price tag for an AI machine, you can build yourself a garage door that opens or closes with your smartphone. It can even tell you when they were opened or closed or notify you when someone breaks into your garage without permission. You can set up a lift system that you can use to fix the underside of your car when needed.

You can also upgrade the interiors with soft rubber flooring or polyaspartic coating for easy cleaning and durable garage surface. Revamping your garage facilities are extra leverages to you when doing car maintenance, as well as for other activities you use your garage.

Set up Bumps and Insulation foams

Ever got into multiple wall collisions lately when trying to park your car in reverse inside the garage? Setting up vehicle bumps on the wall or wheel humps on the garage floor helps you park your vehicle correctly without hitting on the wall or damaging the rear bumper of your car. You can also install pool noodles that should protect your car door from the wall when opening it. 

These add-ons aren’t that expensive either, as some of them only cost less than $15 to $20 and easy installation on your garage wall or floor. Insulation foams inside your garage help save up energy, protect your garage from too much heat or cold, and can reduce your electric bills than including it with your HVAC system. Insulating your garage doors keeps rain or snow out of the garage as well. But still when it comes to organizing your garage, using high-quality shadow board products should come first. 

Have a Dedicated Space for Emergencies or Cleaning

If you have installed your cabinets or have a storage system in place and there is more space to use inside the garage, you can turn it into an emergency corner or a mudroom. Especially when coming in from the bad weather, you can have yourself dried up first, stow your muddy footwear on the compartments, and clean your feet and legs before coming inside the house.

Those cleaning their cars in the garage can get dried up in the mudroom before coming inside the house. In case of fire or storm, this emergency corner can store your fire extinguishers, snow shovels, or even emergency lights during blackouts brought by heavy rains. A dedicated emergency corner in the garage helps everyone locate it quickly without the hassles of scurrying in looking for emergency essentials.

Use the Rest of the Space for your Hobbies

If you’re planning to set up a gym space or a hobby corner, but you have no spare room to have them, you can turn your extra space in the garage for those activities. You can have a cabinet that turns into a woodworking table when the cabinet lid is opened. You can have your gym set stored in this area, as well as turn it into a fitness hub where you can do some yoga and crossfit exercises. 

If you are a professional or freelance mechanic, you can turn this space into your very own office. You can have all the access to your tools without even moving from one room to another. How you plan the extra space will work when your storage is coordinated with the activities you want to do. It’s an efficient use of the space in your garage that also upgrades it into a more useful place to do the things you love.

Final Thoughts

Garage spaces are often neglected, but they can be turned into a functional space. Hopefully, the ways mentioned above have helped gain ideas on how to make your garage more than just a space to store your vehicles. 

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