Five Reasons Asphalt Driveway Installation is Environmentally Friendly


If you are a resident of the garden state, you understand why the state of New Jersey is so unique and why it is vital to maintain and support our communities and environments. Asphalt paving and driveways have risen in popularity as they are highly durable, easy to maintain and install, and as a bonus – they are eco-friendly! Homeowners are always looking for a way to boost their curb appeal, and why not do that while also giving a little extra to your neighborhood and the world it exists within? Asphalt driveways are economically, logistically, and environmentally a simple solution for your home.

Driveways are meant to serve as a runway into our garages and our homes. Your drive should be composed of a material that will last a lifetime, upgrade the aesthetics of your property and remain secure during use. Asphalt functions as a material that is both practical for homeowners and logical for the environment – it is a winning situation any way you look. Choosing to strengthen and invest in your home and our planet benefits everyone, including your responsibility to remain environmentally conscious and friendly in any home improvement project.

Ethically Created

When choosing the materials for your driveway, most people want to invest in something that will last, but you have many details to consider. You must contemplate the typical climate in the area and how the elements can affect different materials, possible maintenance pricing, aesthetics, curb appeal, etc. In the end, you should decide on something you feel in your gut will serve you and your household, complement the neighborhood, and remain secure for the entire duration of its lifetime. Asphalt is created to be one of the most efficient options for pavement.

With the proper care, asphalt can last over thirty years; it is unlikely to crack, is easy to repair, and requires little maintenance. Besides all the general benefits for homeowners regarding sustainability, it is produced soundly and ethically. The greenhouse gas emissions produced by asphalt plants are overseen and well-controlled so that those emissions remain low. The production process is clean, and when you choose asphalt, you and your new driveway can go green!


The great thing about asphalt is that it can always be recycled and is created using other recycled materials! When you think of living as a friend to the environment, you must remain vigilant about your home life, property, goods, and services usage, etc. You will see things like glass, rubber, asphalt roofing shingles, and used tires in asphalt. By using these components to create and distribute asphalt pavements, you also save all these additional materials from piling up in a landfill somewhere, and that is always an excellent way to show continued support for the environment.

Recycling is probably the first thing you think about when considering or currently taking accountability for your part in the emissions on Earth. The asphalt industry attempts to reclaim millions of tons of asphalt annually. When you choose an asphalt driveway, you can be a part of a community contributing to New Jersey’s health and the rest of the globe. The reuse, reduction, and recycling that happens within the asphalt world have made it the top recycler in the world!

Assisted in Managing Stormwater

Water is often seen as an enemy for homes, roofs, driveways, and more. The weather and other natural elements can break down and harm materials like concrete. When you decide on asphalt for your driveway, you can rest assured that there won’t be standing water everywhere. At the same time, asphalt is a porous substance that remains flexible but quickly disperses water and other forms of moisture.

This also assists with the free flow of water and any liquid on the asphalt’s surface. Runoff water is turned into infiltration, which can eliminate the need for detention basins – if that hasn’t convinced you that asphalt is eco-friendly, then don’t worry; we are still going!

It’s Cooling Down Cities

Asphalt is a material that helps to cool down entire cities exponentially! Heavily populated areas like cities and suburbs are generally warmer than less settled or more rural places. This is known as the urban island effect. The temperature changes and differences are most noticeable in the evenings and the Spring or Summer months. It doesn’t seem like it would be connected with something like asphalt, but bringing the heat down is beneficial to the entire community!

Asphalt is porous in nature, and while it is just a pavement, it has been proven to decrease surface temperatures. Choosing asphalt for your driveway, parking lot, and other paving projects can assist in lowering the heat effect in your neighborhood and the entire city!

Sourced Locally

Asphalt is produced ethically and sourced locally, and you can find a local paving company in Franklin Lakes, NJ, to assist you with asphalt driveway installation, repairs, maintenance, and seal coating. As a resident of the Garden State, it is innate to support the local economy because everyone reaps those benefits. Asphalt is a part of the process, and by incorporating the material into your household and everyday life, you, too, can feel a part of something much bigger than yourself.

NVN Paving in New Jersey serves their friends and neighbors in Franklin Lakes, the Jersey metro area, and nearby cities. NVN offers the finest asphalt drive installation, repair, and maintenance services, and as an added bonus, you can contribute to helping your environment along the way! There is nothing like upgrading your property, enhancing your everyday life, and benefiting the community – all with an asphalt driveway!

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