Everything You Should Know About Cassette Blinds


If you’ve heard of cassette blinds, but you’re not too sure what they are, this is the article for you. Over the past few years, cassette blinds have become incredibly popular in the world of window blinds, so to find out everything you need to know about these cassette blinds, we spoke to one of the biggest retailers of made to measure cassette blinds DotcomBlinds.

What Are Cassette Blinds?

Cassette blinds are actually just an advanced version of your everyday roller blinds, but with more focus on keeping outside light from entering in through the window. There are two main differences between a standard roller blind and a cassette blind: firstly, a cassette blind has a cassette at the top of the blind which covers up the roller tube, helping to prevent light from leaking over the top of the blind; and secondly, the cassette blind will also have side channels along the side of the blind, to keep any light from leaking in around the edges.

Simply put, cassette blinds are an upgraded version of roller blinds, with a focus on preventing light from leaking into your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Cassette Blinds?

The main benefit to using a cassette blind rather than a typical roller blind, is that you get a greater level of darkness in a room. Cassette blinds pair a blackout fabric, with the cassette and side channels to completely block out light from outside, helping to create a cosy dark space inside your home.

Where Would You Use Cassette Blinds?

While you could use cassette blinds in any room of your home, they’re most frequently used in bedrooms and home cinema rooms, thanks to their ability to fully block out outside light, which creates an ideal environment for both sleeping and enjoying movies.

Who Could Benefit From Cassette Blinds?

As we previously mentioned, cinema fans can get a great level of utility from cassette blinds, as they create the perfect dark environment for watching films in. But many more people can get good use out of cassette blinds, for example: new parents and night shift workers, who need to sleep at odd times of the day, can greatly benefit from cassette blinds as they can create a dark sleep-ready environment at any time in the day.

How Can You Operate Cassette Blinds?

Much like standard roller blinds, there are two main ways that you can operate cassette blinds. Firstly, you have the standard manual operation with a chain control, where you move the chain to raise and lower the blinds, or you could opt for a remote-controlled electric version where you operate the blinds with a remote control rather than by hand.

Where Can You Get Cassette Blinds For Your Home?

If after reading all of this, you want to get yourself your own set of cassette blinds for your home, all you need to do is find a reputable blinds retailer like DotcomBlinds and speak to them about your needs, they’ll be able to manufacture you a new set of cassette blinds and ship them out to you.

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