Don’t Let That Attic Go to Waste: Creative Ideas for that Space on Top


Attics are one of the most forgotten rooms of the house. It’s usually used as a dusty storage unit for stashing holiday decorations, old toys, and out-of-season clothing. You can always organize your attic  to make it look less of a mess, but it has the potential to be one of the loveliest and your most favorite rooms in the house when given the right treatment. Something about those low, sloped ceilings sets the tone for an intimate and private escapade. Get inspired and turn your upstairs into the main attraction with these creative ideas. Meanwhile, if you need expert professionals to build basketball court in the backyard, click the link. 

Cozy bedroom

An attic bedroom

If you need your own personal retreat, you can transform an attic into a cozy bedroom sanctuary. An attic with a low headroom can look cozier, especially when you ditch the bed frame and add rugs, fluffy sheets, and cushions. Subtle lighting can also add a cozy ambiance, while natural light that comes through the roof windows or skylights will make the attic bedroom seem open, spacious, and airy. Swap the typical bedside table with a short and slim stool.

Home office

With many of us working from home nowadays, creating a dedicated space for you to work makes sense. Attics are a great space because they can feel separate from the rest of the house, and it tends to be quiet up there because it’s far from the main living spaces. A desk, chair, and a lamp are enough, but you can even add a small social space in a corner or in the middle (if you have the space) to put a coffee table and some chairs in case you need to discuss a team project. Also, it can be a spacious office with lots of storage potential. Add a few decorative touches like wall art or plants to spark life. And if you want to stay at home and earn decently, make sure to visit this trusted platform that offers 50 euro bez depozytu to players.

When designing your attic home office, make sure to pay attention to factors like lighting, organization, functionality, ergonomics, and other things because they can affect your overall productivity. It can get hot during the summer, so make sure you have an AC installed to keep the attic temperature at the appropriate level. Here’s how you can create your ideal home office

Writer’s retreat

If you write for a living, having a writing retreat in the attic will be the perfect hideout whenever you need to do some serious thinking. A desk, a computer, and a comfy chair will be enough. For a laid-back and calming environment, make sure there’s plenty of natural light and paint the room white. Put your workstation right by the window or under the skylight.

Game room

If your finished attic is large enough and you have kids, you can transform it into a game room or a hangout zone. The extra room is a perfect place for that since it feels private from the rest of the house. It also doesn’t matter if its décor clashes with the more common rooms throughout the home. You can place a pool table in the middle with two long benches on the sides if you have a higher roof. You can also add a ping pong table or any game station that you can’t find the space to do in your own home. Since it’s hard to devote a room just for playing, the attic is a nice compromise. You can keep it chill by simply adding a TV, game console, and low-lying chairs for a video game center or a simple coffee table so you can play board games with your friends all day long.

Second living room

An attic living room

Adding another living room to your house is ideal if you have kids or if you’re just sick of arguing with your family over what to watch on TV. This also means you can create another vibe from your main living room. If your main living room is more formal, you can get more playful with décor in your attic living room. Enhance the coziness with area rugs and low-slung seating.


Adults don’t like having toys scattered all over the house, and kids dream about having their own space for playtime. A playroom in the attic can kill two birds in one stone. Let the children play all they want and give them a sense of freedom. Paint the walls in vibrant color and put some child-friendly decorations on the walls. Make sure there is plenty of storage space with both drawers and open shelves. Add a small desk for arts and crafts, and the rest of the space needs to be open and free for all the playing and toy scattering.

Craft room

A crafts table at an attic

Give yourself some room for creativity with your own craft studio. Add a large workspace for ample space in making your DIY crafts, and add a couple of rolling carts full of supplies. Storage is key to this type of space.


A library in an attic

This is probably a dream for all the bookworms! Floating shelves filled with books, a reading nook or a small couch, and a table with at least a chair can help transform the attic into a fully-functioning library. Ensure the attic has large windows to let more natural light in and ample lighting for the night.

Meditation room

Those who practice yoga or meditation know how important it is to have a private corner where you can focus on the moment and be quiet so you can get in touch with your inner self. If you enjoy practicing yoga or want to be more mindful, you can turn your attic into a peaceful retreat. Paint the walls with a subtle and neutral color – a natural wood wall or wallpaper would be perfect. Add some plants for a natural vibe. Calming tunes, scented candles, and dim lighting can also help create a peaceful atmosphere. Don’t forget your yoga mat and additional pieces of equipment, depending on what you practice.

Nap area

Add some daybeds into the attic, comfy sheets, and pillows to make a dreamy nap zone. This area can handle impromptu sleepovers and can even serve as a guest bedroom whenever someone needs a place to crash in. But most importantly, it can help out the mom who needs to sneak away for a quick nap.

Walk-in closet

The attic can take on that job if you have no room for a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. It’s not a bad idea to put your clothes and shoes there if you need a little extra space or privacy for dressing up. It can feel like a glamorous dressing room with crisp white paint, a dresser, and a stool for changing. Add clothes rails to the main wall where the ceiling is highest, and use under the eaves for drawers.


If you lack enough bathroom space in your home, transforming your attic space into a bathroom is a good idea. Not only will it provide an extra bathroom to avoid people hogging the bathroom in the house, but it will also increase the value of your home. Mirrors are important for attic bathrooms – they can create the impression that the room is double the size.

Studio apartment

A suite in an attic

Suppose you are lucky enough to have a spacious attic. In that case, you can extend your home significantly by turning it into a studio apartment complete with its own bedroom (or simply a bed), tiny kitchen, a bathroom, and a dining nook. This is a practical solution if you have elderly parents or in-laws living with you or if you have to study children who need more privacy. You can even rent it out as an apartment or a stay-in suite on Airbnb. While it can give you another source of income, this will definitely increase the value of your home if ever you decide to sell your house.

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