Does Your Air Conditioner Need to Be Repaired or Replaced


When an air conditioning issue strikes, it usually happens when the temperatures are at their most extreme and the humidity is at its worst. That’s because the system works excessively to try to cool the house down.

If it’s an older system or hasn’t been well maintained, it won’t be able to handle the extra push. Find out about installing air conditioning at

With temperatures growing more extreme in some areas of the country in the summer months, having a premium air conditioning system that functions at high efficiency without fail all the time is critical.

It’s no longer considered a luxury but a necessity for safety, health, and comfortability.

To ensure your system stays at peak performance, you will not only need to take part in homeowner care and upkeep but enlist the services of a credentialed, professional air conditioning company to tune up the system annually or biannually.

A reliable, reputable service is HVAC Home Pros – Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, prioritizing the client’s comfort and safety when maintaining the equipment.

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In so doing, these professionals offer insight into what signs to pay attention for when your unit needs either a repair or possibly replacement.

Warning Signs You Might Need an AC Repair or Replacement

Warning Signs You Might Need an AC Repair or Replacement

With temperatures becoming more intense in the summer months, air conditioning is a critical system in the household for well-being and comfort.

Nowadays, having a cooling system in the house is a necessity, and maintaining these to ensure they remain functional throughout the hottest part of the season is as critical. That involves more than simple homeowner care and upkeep but preventive tune-ups and inspections.

When inspecting the system, the professional contractor will instruct as to what warning signs to pay attention for if the system needs repair or replacement. Here are some red flags that the unit is having a problem.

Warm air

The air conditioner has a few critical purposes, including keeping the home cool, maintaining good air quality, and ridding the air of contaminants. The unit needs to blow cold air when the temperatures are extreme to keep the house comfortable.

If it’s throwing out warm air instead, it’s a warning the equipment is experiencing a problem that needs to be assessed by a repair contractor.

The thermostat

The thermostat is considered the central component of the entire AC system. It communicates with the unit to instruct the amount of cool air to generate. If the device is not working effectively, the air conditioning won’t operate efficiently.

If the thermostat and air conditioner are not communicating, causing the AC to either run for short spans before cutting off or not run at all, a qualified air conditioning specialist will need to check the intricate electrical system involved.

The vents

The vents

When you notice cool air when the unit is on, however, the flow is extremely weak, causing it to be stagnant instead of circulating throughout the space; it’s typically a description that would warn of a failing compressor. Still, there is also the possibility of an issue with the ducts.

Since these are two very distinct issues, it’s wise to reach out to a professional technician for a thorough tune-up. With their expertise and extensive knowledge, the contractor can ensure there’s no major problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Read here for details on repairing your home’s AC.

The sounds

The air conditioner has a specific sound when operating, which you should grow accustomed to over time. That means when unusual sounds happen, you’ll be aware that there’s a definite problem happening. Some odd noises include “squeals, grinding, or scrapes.”

These are signs that a belt is sliding out of its normal position in the unit. That can result in expensive damage if not handled straight away. That means a call to your repair contractor for an immediate fix.

The smells

The smells

In the same vein, you’ll recognize over time that an AC unit really shouldn’t produce much of an odor. If it begins to smell foul, you have an issue that could be a burned wire in the system or mold either in the unit or somewhere in the ducts, depending on the type of smell you have.

The potential for health risks would mean an air conditioning contractor needs to evaluate the situation to see the cause so it can be corrected.

Final Thought

One thing to understand as the owner of an air conditioner is that these systems won’t last forever. You can extend the lifespan with adequate care and upkeep and regular professional preventive maintenance and inspections.

Even still, an old unit won’t perform effectively or efficiently, causing problems for the occupants and high utility costs.

When that time comes, roughly around 10 or 12 years, your AC contractor will work with you to select a proper replacement to suit your needs and fit the household adequately.

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