Do Succulents Need Deep Pots?


Succulents have been quite popular these past few years, and rightfully so. After all, they are compact, low-maintenance, and definitely Instagrammable.

We’re not surprised if you wish to care for one yourself. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to grow succulents. Before anything else, you will need a container to grow it in. A lot of people prefer pots made from terracotta or ceramic, but there are other choices as well.

Do succulents need deep pots? To answer that question, here is a quick guide that discusses the factors that impact pot depth in succulent care and more. And if you are looking for a high-quality succulent pot, click the link to order it online.

Choosing the Right Container

You don’t need to limit yourself to the standard pot. In fact, you’ll learn soon enough that succulents aren’t very picky when it comes to their containers. You can grow them almost anywhere, from old teacups to bowls and more. We’ve even seen them grown on shadow boxes to create living picture frames of beautiful greenery.

That said, aesthetics shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing the right container for your succulent. Here are more factors worth looking into:

The Succulent’s Root System

One of the first things you should consider is the root system of the succulents you want to grow. There are different types, but most have a basic root structure consisting of a central taproot with thinner hair roots sprouting from underneath its base.

The taproot’s role is to dig deep into the soil and search for a water source. It also seeks to anchor the plant and hold it steady. Meanwhile, the smaller roots stay near the surface to quickly absorb any available moisture and nutrient there. Hence, these types will need a container that is deeper than it is wide.

Cacti, on the other hand, tend to have widespread root systems that stay near the surface to collect water quickly. These are called fibrous roots. Thus, they will need a container that is wider than it is deep.

The Size of the Succulent

The next thing to consider is the current size of your plant. Succulents are generally smaller than other plant types, but they grow fast. In other words, the current container your plant is in will not be its home forever, especially if you want to maximize its growth potential.

Succulents around two inches wide will require a container that’s 2.5 to four inches in diameter. Meanwhile, a four-inch succulent will need a container that’s approximately 4.5 to six inches across.

The Number of Succulents

Lastly, don’t forget to account for the number of succulents you’re planning to place in the container. It should be wide enough to allow each of them to thrive (or at least survive if you want to limit their size and growth).

Do Succulents Need Deep Pots?

Now, most of the factors we mentioned have a lot to do with the width of the container, but what about its depth? Do succulents need deep pots?

Compared to regular-sized pots, then no, your succulents won’t need containers that deep. However, they do need their pots to be deep enough to hold the soil they need to grow. On the other hand, if you use a pot that’s too deep, it will retain too much moisture. This will keep the soil from completely drying out, which can then lead to waterlog and root rot.

Keep in mind that succulents are drought-tolerant. Often, their natural habitats experience high temperatures and low rainfall. This is the reason why their roots are established in a way that allows them to get the water they need despite being in a literal desert.

So, How Deep Should the Pot Be?

To make sure you get the right depth, here’s a helpful tip. Make sure the total depth of your chosen container is around 10% bigger than your succulent. Any shallower than this, and it won’t be enough to hold the right amount of soil it needs. On the other hand, getting a deeper one, especially a pot with insufficient drainage holes, can lead to undue stress, root rot, and even plant death.

An added benefit of getting just the right size is the control it provides towards root development. Limiting the depth of your root system will force your succulent to redirect its energy towards plant growth instead.

The Right Depth for Succulents

Indeed, succulents are amazing plants. They thrive even in conditions that other plant types won’t even find survivable. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they won’t require proper care.

By making sure you have the right pot, you will at least give your succulent a better chance of living happy and healthy. The challenge is that there really is no fixed size. You will need to determine the width and the depth that the succulent needs according to the different factors we shared earlier.

By keeping these in mind, we are confident you will be able to figure that out on your own. Good luck and happy planting!

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