Different styles of entry doors to choose for your home


Front doors are most likely to catch your attention when you enter any house. The anonymously standing, protecting, and hiding doors make one feel at home by safeguarding from the world outside. The type of door you select for your exterior or interior says a lot about your personality aspects.

It is important that you select a particular design and type of the front door that best aligns with the house’s overall appearance. To help you decide on the perfect match for your exterior, this guide talks about different styles of entry doors.

Tips for selecting the right front door for your home

When selecting a particular type of front door, you need to consider some elements that will best suit the requirements. Most contractors today supply a wide spectrum of designs that can be customized as per your preferences.

For instance, you can easily find a wide variety of doors at https://mikitadoorandwindow.com/ for both interiors and exteriors. Some of the factors you need to consider while selecting a suitable front door for your home are mentioned below.

Select the material

Choosing what material suits the entrance door is the first step toward giving your house a unique look. From steel doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, iron doors, timber doors, and frosted glass doors to fiberglass and PVC doors, a wide spectrum of materials are available in the market to make a suitable main entrance.

Choose appropriate designs

Different housing styles and architecture call for different entrance styles. Selecting a proper design that matches the overall aesthetics of the architecture and fulfills the purpose is vital. When looking for designs, keep in mind that the sidelights, frames, panels, locks, and sills all match the interior and exterior furnishings and vibes of your house.

Select the pertinent colors

When you are done deciding upon the design and material, it is time to select the proper color for your entrance door. Keep in mind the theme of exteriors before choosing. Select the colors that do not stand out too much but can also add a certain appeal to the overall exteriors of your house.

Other Parameters

In addition to the above-stated factors, you need to look out for ventilation, the position of sunshine, durability of materials, installation, budget, locking mechanism, security, etc. The right door with prevalent functionality fitting the latest trends can become an alluring getaway that leads to your enigmatic home.

Types of front door designs to consider

Both traditional and contemporary housing styles require different designs of entry doors. While the vintage, classic, monolithic, elegant designs suit the former housing architecture, unique, trendy, quirky designs adorn the latter. Here are some of the picks you can opt for, for the design of the main entrance of your house.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors operate using a track and move with roller wheels hidden from sight. In addition, these transparent glass doors typically have shielded glass, making them more energy-efficient. If you have a large, goggling doorway, then sliding doors could be your best option. Not only do they ooze a luxurious ambiance, but they also provide a solution for minimal lighting issues.

French doors

These luxurious, elegant, and stylish doors can be highly customized depending on your preferences. Typically embedded with small glass panes, these doors are large double doors consisting of either clear or opaque glass panes. These doors let the natural lighting in and can be operated individually as a whole. The materials used in these doors are generally steel, fiberglass, UPVC, etc.

Wrought iron front door

Among the different styles of entrance doors, wrought iron front doors are surely the sturdiest, most lasting, and most secure doors. With modern decorative designs, these doors are furnished either with steel or wooden base. These aesthetically blended elegant doors can be combined with glass panes and sidelights to transform them into perfect doors with high resistance. If you are looking for the most solid option for your Spanish-style home, opt for these slightly expensive doors.

Wrought iron front door

Steel bifold doors

Perfect for wide doorways with high ceilings, these doors are usually made from steel and glass to be used for the main entrance. These heavy-duty doors can be operated either as single doors or French doors. This type of entrance door is suitable for luxurious homes to give a unique, unobstructed, and flexible opening. Additionally, these swinging doors can be opened from the center, inside, or outside and are a great alternative to French doors.

Dutch doors

Unlike other entry door designs, these doors are halved horizontally from the middle, and each half can have either the same or different designs. Most Dutch doors have a glass portion fitted in the first half of the door. Both sides can operate as a single door when locked. However, they are mostly operated individually as entry doors to let the pets and kids in and out without much trouble.

Pivot doors

Pivot doors are perhaps the latest version of the old, hinged doors. These stable and unique doors typically made up of wood, glass, and metal, are heavy model designs that pivot on the hinges placed at the bottom and top of the door.

Compared to the ordinary doors that require quite a room for opening, these doors rotate on an axis and require less room to open. Also, unlike the hinged doors, no installation of the frame is required for this kind of door, making it easy to pull and push with little force.

Storm doors

This commonly used screening door is well suited for coastal homes. These strong, crack-free, composite doors are usually made up of steel, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum with clear or decorated full-length glass panels.

Also available in half-view screens, these doors protect the main entrance doors from weather conditions, including rain, ice, and snowstorms. If you are looking for a way to prevent the leaking of air from the main door due to poor insulation, storm doors are your best bet.


When it comes to selecting a convenient entry door, the overall housing, including interior and exterior aesthetics, needs to be looked upon. Most contractors install doors according to the requirements specified beforehand, so make sure to include all the details concerning ventilation, budget, design, material, and so on to avoid mishaps.

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