Creative Tricks to Maximize Your Living Space


Decoration of a small bedroom can be tricky because you have to adjust the cabinet, bed, wardrobe and other furniture. You need to consider the size and style of the bed to accommodate everything in the limited space.

It is possible to make your small space functional, unique and beautiful with a Building designer in Melbourne. There are lots of modern decoration ideas that help you to personalize your bedroom design and decoration.

Living Cube

Enjoy a modern twist to a bunk bed with eight to twelve different pieces of furniture into a compact footprint. You will get a clean storage compartment for TV, DVD, clothes, books and your clothes. You will get suitable storage for books, clothes, shoes, and other drawers for additional storage.

A queen-size bed is designed at the top. It is an affordable set up to live in a tiny house. The living cube is affordable and enhances your utility and styles. It is efficient and sleek to complement the décor of your small room.

Wooden Box Home

It is a bedroom made of wood in your modern house where you can get sufficient storage to keep all your belongings. You will get a proper workspace, storage shelves, a closet and a sink. It will be a complete bedroom in the living house where you may get sufficient space to make a bed on the top and make storage drawers of various sizes to keep your essential stuff. It will be an excellent idea to manage the space of your tiny house and turn it into a complete home.

Suspended Bedroom

Instead of sleeping on a small sofa bed, it will be good to utilize your floor space and design a suspended bed. You can use the full floor space and make a stairway to the bed so that you can sleep comfortably at night.

It is a perfect choice and commonly used in London, where the city’s space is limited. The homes are constructed with space-saving techniques and a lot of creative touches. You can use floor space in a creative way to get maximum space to move freely around your house.

Bed Under Stairs

You may have sufficient space under the stairs, and instead of keeping random junk, it will be good to use this space nicely. You can adjust a queen size bed in the cozy corner with a small reading lamp. Space under stairs is handy because you can make a cabinet, shoe rack, closet, drawers, a kitchen, bathroom and even a home office. If you have space under stairs, measure this space and design a bed to utilize this space creatively.

Small Box House

It is a tall house designed strategically with the right placement of windows to use natural light fully. You can design an upstairs roof with a kitchen and dining area downstairs.

The floor, handrails, curtains, and walls are designed to provide a free passage of light. It is crucial to maintain the continuous flow in the design to avoid any destruction. Different heights on the ceiling and the openings are planned to offer a relaxed space to its residents.

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