Common Garage Door Problem


So, you have finally installed the garage door. It’s important to know that garage doors often create issues. These issues are supposed to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, the unaddressed garage doors can cause serious injuries. Several thousand people get injured by garage doors every day.

So, to be safe you need to know what are the common garage door problems as well as how to fix them. In this brief post, let’s talk about the common garage problem.

  • Faulty or dead remote battery
  • Frozen garage door
  • Unusual noise
  • Uneven movement
  • Slow opening

Faulty or dead remote battery

Most garage owners often complain that their custom garage doors’ san Diego batteries keep dying. It usually happens because the battery is constantly being recharged and sometimes the inconsistent power supply causes the battery to die earlier than the expectations. Or even if the battery does not die that frequently, it only works for up to 2 years. To fix the issue, you have to remove the battery and take it to a professional. If the battery has some issue, he would fix it. Otherwise, replacing the batteries is the only solution.

Frozen garage door

A frozen door is the most common problem garage owners face in the winter. Now how would you figure out if the door is frozen? After an extremely cold night, if the door does not open even after pushing the door opener several times. Do not force the frozen door to open without doing anything about the ice, it would lead to more problems. So, what you have to do is take the hair dryer and melt the ice. Once the ice is completely melted, you can open the door normally.

Unusual noise

While raising and lowering the garage door, hearing unusual noises is also not rare. The garage doors can create several unusual noises. The unusual noises are also an indication that there is some issue with the door. It’s quite tricky to figure out why the door is making unusual noises.

Mostly, you hear slapping, grinding, squeaking, squealing, rattling, popping, rumbling, banging, straining, and scraping sounds. Slapping is heard because of loose chains, grinding, squeaking, and squealing due to loose rollers, rattling is heard because of loose nuts and bolts, popping and rumbling due to the result of broken springs, scraping, and straining is because of the misalignment. So, observe, identify and fix the issue to not get to hear these noises again.

Uneven movement

The garage door does not always move evenly. Sometimes it does the opposite as well. The uneven door moment can be because of some blockage, rust, inappropriate settings, or a faulty spring system. If the blockage is causing the door to move unevenly, you have to unblock the way, wipe down the rust, play with the settings, and get the spring system fixed.

Slow opening

The slow opening is also an issue. However, it is not as common as the above-mentioned ones. If your garage door ever slows down, you have to clean and lubricate the rollers and the tracks, it would start functioning normally.


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