Choosing The Right Floor in Tower Condos


Today, there are lots of tower condos in the United States since there is a high demand for them. Many people prefer Brighton Tower condos since they are more affordable and easier to maintain compared to single-family homes. However, one problem most buyers have when buying a condo is, choosing the right floor.

Most buyers are usually confused when it comes to choosing a floor in a tower condo. Many of them do not know if they should choose the down, middle, or top floors. Choosing the right floor is relative, depending on your specific needs. In order words, your needs would determine the floor you should choose. This article will look at when you should choose the top floors and when to choose the down floors.


This is one factor you need to consider when choosing a floor in Brighton Tower condos for sale. If you’re interested in having a good aerial view of the environment from the comfort of your home, then choosing the top floors would be the best. If you choose the top floors of Myrtle Beach condos for sale, you’ll be able to enjoy better and amazing views from your windows. However, if you have a fear of heights, the higher floors may not be the best for you.


If privacy is very important to you, then choosing the higher floors would be the best decision. The top floors offer more privacy compared to the lower floors. This is particularly true if the is congested or located in a busy area. For example, if the building is in a very busy area, those on the higher floors won’t experience many disturbances like those on the lower floors. So, if privacy is paramount to you, you should pick the top floors.


Some people may not have the patience to wait for the elevator. If the building has many residents, sometimes you may have to wait for long to access the elevators. So, if you won’t like waiting long for the elevator, choosing the lower floors might be the best for you. But if you don’t mind waiting longer for the elevator, you can go for the higher floors.

Family Consideration

If you are single and living alone, choosing the higher floors wouldn’t be bad. However, if you already have a family or have an older adult living with you, the lower floors would be the best option for you when buying a Brighton condo for sale. The lower floors would be more convenient for kids and older adults.


If ventilation is very important to you, then you should choose the higher floors. Apartments on the higher floors would have better ventilation compared to those on the ground floor. So, you need to take note of this when choosing a floor

So, as you can see, choosing the right floor in a tower condo depends on a few things. Your needs would determine the floor you should choose.

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