Choosing The Perfect Front Door: A Guide To Curb Appeal

When someone walks past your house, the first thing they notice is the outside of your house, the front door included. Wouldn’t you want to make the right impression on people? Would you not want to have the perfect door installed that shows off your personality and style? The front door design plays a crucial part in making your house look more inviting and welcoming to others. There’s a wealth of front door design options to consider, ranging from solid doors to glass or partially glazed ones, among others.

Flat, Solid Doors:

A solid door for a solid family! Sounds nice indeed. These doors exhibit a straightforward and clean aesthetic, while a well-crafted design can enhance home security significantly. There is nothing wrong with being simple. A simple, straightforward, minimalistic door works perfectly for people who do not prefer overtly ornate furniture pieces in the house. It is all about matching the front door with the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

Contemporary Design:

Some people love the warmth of the door tone. They want everything to have that natural earthy tone. Wood panelling introduces intricate details to a front door, particularly with horizontal panels that offer a modern flair, perfectly complementing contemporary-style homes. In cases where the home’s facade features wood panelling, a contemporary wood-panelled door can be a fitting choice.

Wood-Paneled Doors:

Maybe you like the style of a traditional house. Enough with tall buildings! You like those picture-perfect single houses with front yards where little children play games. Some of these doors may incorporate a glass insert in the upper square section as an substitute to solid wood panels. But such front door installation takes a lot of effort. It is not a DIY job. Be sure to hire experienced people who know what they are doing.

Frosted Glass Doors:

These doors are well-suited to properties with a clean and simple style. The use of frosted glass is to maintain privacy, although this design could also find its place in various other property types. A glass door might be an excellent complement to coastal or mid-century homes.

  • Regular cleaning will be necessary to keep the glass free from dirt and smudges to ensure it maintains its pristine appearance.
  • These types of front doors are often associated with more laid-back exterior designs, such as those seen in coastal homes or even farmhouse-style residences.

Wrought Iron Doors:

Are you worried about safety? Do you feel more protected behind iron doors? If yes, it can be a perfect fit for you. These doors can range from intricate to minimalist, depending on the overall aesthetic of the house. Therefore, investing in a custom wrought iron door to harmonize with the property can often be a worthwhile consideration.

A Double Front Door:

Who doesn’t like a splash of luxury? These doors can make a powerful statement and offer practicality due to their wider width. The double entryway doors are found in more traditional home styles like coastal, farmhouse, and transitional homes. These double doors allow more natural light to shine through the interiors. So, if you want more sunlight in the entryway but do not want to keep the doors open, opt for a double front door with glass panelling.