All You Need to Know About Outdoor Ceiling Fans

a covered patio with ceiling fans

An outdoor ceiling fan is similar to the ceiling fans that you can see inside most homes. However, they are specifically made to withstand the different environments in the patio, deck, and other outdoor living spaces in your home. Some of them offer features like all-weather fan blades that are made of … Read more

Learning About Tray Ceilings

Beautiful Tray Ceiling

When designing a room, the appearance of the ceiling is not frequently taken into account. It is often left unadorned, and the common way to design it is only through the addition of crown molding or striking lighting fixtures. But aside from these, there are more inventive ceiling solutions that you can … Read more

What is a False Ceiling?

a living room with false ceiling

Simple and flat ceilings have fallen out of favor as many people today are searching for ways how they can make a classic flat ceiling look appealing while being inexpensive. Due to the recent surge in false and coved ceilings, it is now easier for people to enhance the beauty of any … Read more

What is a Planked Wood Ceiling?

home with a planked wood ceiling

There are many different types of ceilings out there, but one of the most beautiful are ceilings made or designed with natural wood. There is just something about the whorls and knots, the grain pattern, and the color variances of wood that appeal to everyone. A planked wood ceiling is a popular … Read more

What are the Major Types of Commercial Ceilings?

inside a commercial space in a building

Commercial buildings are often enormous, and the ceiling choices available for something huge are usually limited. But if you have a modest commercial space, you have all of the same options as we do in the residential market. Commercial ceilings are an important part of any building’s interior design. They play a … Read more

What is a Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Ceiling?

man installing MDF ceiling panels

There are many different types of materials being used today when it comes to constructing and installing ceilings. People in the modern world are increasingly searching for new materials that they can use for their ceilings. The desire to transform a room into an original space with an innovative shape leads people … Read more

Unusual Ideas for Designing Your Ceiling

kitchen with a beautiful ceiling design

Ceilings are an important element of any interior design scheme. However, they are often overlooked when it comes to creative expression. The different types of ceilings and designs are pretty much the only thing people consider when decorating their homes. But with a little bit of imagination and effort, you can turn … Read more

Tips for Dealing with a Leaky Ceiling

water dripping from the ceiling into plastic bucket on the floor of the living room

The ceiling is one of the things that can make a space look more appealing. However, there are times when issues arise, such as having a leaky ceiling at home. As a homeowner, you are probably familiar with the sinking feeling in your stomach when you look up and see a yellow, … Read more