Bible: Why You Need It and How to Buy One


The Bible contains commandments, encouragement, guidelines, and insights into God’s will for mankind in all aspects of life. With numerous translations, more and more people buy Bibles, making it the most popular book in the world. So, if you want to know more about God, then reading this book will help you as it will bring you closer to Him.

So, why is it essential to buy a Bible and regularly read it? The reasons are the following:

It helps you to know what God’s will is for your life and His kingdom: The Bible includes the sacred writings of Christianity and eternal salvation. It also tells you how God wants you to live your life. The book records many biblical figures and the way they have lived. So, you are able to see what does and what doesn’t pleases God.

Reading the scriptures allows you to understand what God’s plans are for you: You can use God’s word as an authority or example on how to live your life according to His plan. Besides, by trying to live a positive and good life, you will know how to defend and avoid evil attacks that may come your way.

You will know God more: It is vital for a Christian to always be immersed in God’s word, and it would be easier if you knew who God really is. So, the Bible is the best source to do it, as it provides insights into the will of God and how He saved mankind from sin. The book also answers questions you may have about God.

Things to Consider When Looking for Bibles to Buy

Bibles today are available in varying sizes, shapes, and types, from premium and trendy editions to serious study Bibles. Meanwhile, the materials used, text size, and cover format of the Bible typically influence the price of the book.

Determine your main purpose for your purchase: For example, do you want to buy Bibles so that you have something to use for daily reading at home? On the other hand, will you be using it for a bible study, Sunday school class, or church?

Some people prefer the New Living Translation (NLT), while others opt for the New International Version (NIV). Having a Bible in a translation that your priest or minister uses in the church is also a good idea, as it can help you follow along easily during the services.

If you go to Bible school, you can find study and reference Bibles, making learning more manageable. And a Key Word study Bible will help you learn the biblical words and their meanings in the original language. Or, if you want to increase your knowledge in the historical and cultural awareness of the Bible, then look for an Archaeological Study Bible.

You can also get a personal study Bible that is easy to comprehend. This is because your devotional and reading time must be meaningful and peaceful. Nevertheless, when reading about growth, inspiration, guidance, etc., you will want to avoid struggling with bible lexicons.

So, this includes choosing a font for your Bible that contributes to having an enjoyable time reading the book for years to come. Besides, pick a print that has darkness, style, and size that is comfortable to your eye. Also, remember that a normal font is a good choice if you have no trouble reading the small text, whereas a large font is suitable for preaching and studying.

You may also consider getting different perspectives, but you must keep your goal and purpose in mind. Think about where and how you will use this kind of investment. Furthermore, research can help you make a well-informed decision in finding the best Bible to purchase.

Author:  Alison Lurie

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