Best Tips from Level 2 Electricians for House Rewiring in Sydney

A lot of residents in Sydney engage in their house improvement projects. Many of their house projects include having their entire home rewired. Several old houses need extensive rewiring to verify their safety.

In Sydney, even a modern house can sometimes not be up to the code. House rewiring is needed to support every energy-intensive appliance in your home.

There are many advantages to having your home rewired as it makes the home a lot safer and more energy-efficient. Level 2 professional electricians of Sydney have their best tips to share with you here today. But, before going into the tips, let us discuss who are capable and certified as level-2 electricians in Sydney.

Who are Level 2 Electrician?

Many electricians in Sydney are level 2. A level 2 electrician is usually an electrician who is very qualified and authorized to repair, install, and maintain both overhead and underground electrical supply networks.

Their tasks also include disconnecting and reconnecting electrical systems of various houses from the electrical network. Overall, in Sydney, electricians are given the level according to their job experience, expertise, and other things.

Additionally, level 2 electricians provide their services all over the entire Sydney region. They have extremely high standards when it comes to their professional tasks.

They are very reliable as you will be able to have them do all the work of rewiring and you can continue to do your daily tasks without any worries. All level 2 Electricians in Sydney are certified to give their best experience.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Level 2 Electrician

A level 2 electrician is capable of doing many things. The following are their roles and duties:

  • A level 2 electrician has to be able to dismantle electrical machinery. Also, they should replace any inoperative mechanical and electrical parts such as brushes and armature.
  • Any level 2 electrician can install and maintain any type of motors, generators, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, and transformers.
  • They have to install and monitor the performance of electrical equipment which was recently installed and make required changes, adjustments, and replacements if needed.
  • Installing grounding leads is their duty.
  • They can work only with verbal and sketch instructions.
  • Whenever they work on a new job, they can install, assemble, design, test, repair, and adjust any equipment in it.
  • They can follow blueprints and diagrams to complete a circuit.
  • They utilize the appropriate tools to repair electric controls, motor control centers, programmable logic controls and troubleshoot them.
  • Any relatable jobs and duties are also part of their job as they are relevant most of the time.

Tips From Level 2 Electricians Regarding Rewiring

We use electricity in our day-to-day life, and that will be hampered if we do not manage our wires properly. Rewiring helps to manage your wires better, and also it ensures your family’s safety too! Here are some tips which are provided by the level 2 electricians regarding rewiring in Sydney,

Check For An Existing Structure

When your home was constructed, it had other systems and structures besides the electrical system. Check those existing infrastructures and systems before you plan to do the rewiring.

There are many things to consider, such as plumbing systems, house layouts, water sources, and many more. Make sure that you are not making any holes or partitions in the existing wiring before you think of rewiring.

Follow Recent Local Regulations and Policies

Each local council has certain rules and regulations that apply to house electrical systems and power use. Always know if there are any recent changes to an old policy or newly added policy and apply them when you are rewiring your house.

Newly added policies guarantee your home’s safety if you follow them properly. Additionally, your safe electrical system will not harm any neighboring properties. Note electrical consumption limits, color coding schemes, power service providers, and others.

Check All The Existing Wiring Thoroughly

Before your attempt or start rewiring, thoroughly check the wiring lines of your home. Track every cable and look out for any damages and discoloration in the wires. Re-check the outlets and test circuits to find out the condition of your whole wiring system.

You will not have to change all the wiring; it all depends on your examination of the whole existing wiring. Just change all the wires which are bad and not functioning or not up to standards of local regulations. This will save you many bucks during the whole rewiring process of your home.

Know All Costs Of The Task

After examining every power-related part of your home, count all of the possible expenses. Every change in your electrical system will cost you money as you need to buy new and better quality materials.

If you are willing to add more outlets to your place, then that is another cost to consider. Pre-determine your costs well to make sure your house rewiring is possible to achieve within your budget. Rewiring indeed requires quite a lot of money, but it is all worth it.

Ask Your Level 2 Electrical Expert If you Are Confused

To get the best advice directly, go to an expert level 2 electrician regarding rewiring troubles or suggestions. Electrical experts are properly trained and have the experience to deal with the tasks needed in rewiring. They also have the certification and license to carry out relatable jobs with ease. Check your local electricians and ensure that they have the permit to cooperate with you.

What Is Home Rewiring?

Home rewiring is a big job and requires a lot of work. The whole rewiring process includes pulling out the old electrical wires and replacing them with safer and new ones. Fixing dodgy outlets to replace all spread wires throughout your home is a part of rewiring.

As the rewiring jobs are variable, it is not possible to put a fixed price tag. But on average, you will have to spend around 3,500 USD to 8,000 USD to rewire a medium-sized home, and the price will vary depending on the electricians. Also, you should keep in mind that home rewiring will include upgrades to power points, new sockets, switches, or a new switchboard.

Why Is Home Rewiring Important

When your home has old wiring, it can sooner or later become a threat to your family, and it can also reduce the overall home’s value. People prefer to buy properties that have well-managed wiring systems. The whole electrical system may malfunction if the wiring is not managed properly. Here are some key points which explain why home rewiring is important,

It Helps To Increase Electrical capacity

Old wiring systems usually have a 60-amp capacity, and that is not enough to handle any modern appliances. A heavy load can cause serious damage to the old wiring system. If any electrical overload occurs, electrical devices can get burned, and also the entire house can catch fire. But if you upgrade the electrical system to 100 amps, you should be fine.

Improves Safety

Rewired homes can dramatically improve your home’s overall safety. Not insulated wires can cause shock and fires because of alterations in power. A small overload can melt the wires and burn them. Bad wiring can potentially damage your new appliances, which makes the usage of new appliances on old wire systems dangerous.

Shield Against Bad Elements

New wires are very well insulated. Insufficient coatings or brittle plastic insulation can be very dangerous if it gets hot. With new wires, you will have a better shield to protect your wires from getting heated up.

Improves Home Electrical System

Rewired homes can provide an improved home electrical system as you can wire every appliance to its own circuit. This reduces the chances of overload, so you can use as many appliances as you wish.

Cut Down The Electricity Costs

The whole rewiring can cost you a lot, but once you have successfully rewired your whole house, you will see that the total electricity costs are noticeably lower than before. Also, a recently rewired house can add thousands of dollars if you are thinking of selling your house.

Have Peace Of Mind

Above all else, electrical fixes provide peace of mind.  You can rest assured that there will be low to no chances of electrical fires starting in your home. You will have no more worries after rewiring the house, and you get to enjoy and have peace of mind that your family is safe.


Home rewiring is a task that must be done after meeting the circumstances as it will provide you with an energy-efficient and electrically safe living place. If you face any issues regarding your wiring, contact a professional electrician as they will be able to help you with any problems. So, follow all those tips given by the level 2 electricians to get better results from your rewiring.