Best Colors To Complement Black Wallpaper Designs

If you’re thinking of decorating a room or space with black wallpaper, the first step is often to decide where to buy wallpaper. Once you’ve found your trusted source and you’ve chosen the product to suit your space, you may want to think about complementary color schemes. To get you started, here are five of the best colors to complement black wallpaper designs.

1. White

The classic combination of black and white is, for most interior designers, a no-brainer. The clean, crisp contrast between these two colors makes it a timeless choice for living rooms, foyers, bathrooms and bedrooms. When you’re in doubt about which color to pair with your solid or patterned black wallpaper, white’s always a sure bet, whether in the form of high-gloss trim, matte walls or ceramic tile flooring. If your black wallpaper features a white element, apply that exact shade of white to soft furnishings and decorative touches for an effortlessly pulled-together look.

2. Pink

Whether you’ve got a black and white chevron or a black-on-white block print wallpaper, pink offers warmth, charm and elegance. From petal to fuchsia pink, you can choose the shade that best suits your space. For example, in a powder room, you may choose pastel pink paint and tile to offset the boldness of your black wallpaper. In a more intimate setting such as a bedroom, you may decide on a warmer, more saturated shade such as coral, a blend of pink, orange and red.

3. Gray

Gray is one of the most popular contemporary interior design colors on the market. In the world of color psychology, gray represents balance and neutrality. When paired with black wallpaper, it creates a serene and sophisticated environment. Don’t forget that grays can be warm or cool in tone. For example, brown-gray paint or flooring imparts warmth to a room, and blue-gray tile or carpet cools a space. As you can see, the tonal temperature of your living space is a critical interior design decision.

4. Blue

From pale periwinkle to tropical turquoise, the color blue is a versatile partner to a black wallpaper. Whether you’ve chosen a traditional or a peel and stick removable wallpaper, think about what its pattern or texture communicates and what shade of blue would best complement it. For example, if your black wallpaper features a black and white sailor’s knot repeating motif, you may choose a marine or navy blue to further the theme.

5. Assorted

If your black wallpaper features a pattern with colorful floral, fruit or animal details, incorporate one of the featured colors into your decorating scheme for a cohesive, visually pleasing effect. For example, pull the yellow color from the stamen of a daisy motif or the gold from a Bengal tiger print and use it for trim, lampshades, curtains or rugs in the same room.

If you’re ready to find the black wallpaper and complementary colors that are right for your living or working space, browse wallpaper retailers today. Many provide online galleries and blogs that feature visual ideas and tips on complementary color schemes.