Benefits of Hungarian Goose down comforters


Goose down comforter is very popular in the world, especially to the USA citizens. There are different types of goose down comforter. Among them, Hungarian Goose down comforters has some special features which make this comforter superior.


Hungarian down is the best goose down feather among all down feather in the world. This natural down comes from the feather of mature geese. The size of the feather of Hungarian geese is the largest although the feather size is long this not heavier.

Fill Power

The fill power is the measurement of the space occupied by one ounce of down. So, more fill power means, more down feathers are used to fill the comforter. Fill power indicates the comforter quality, cost, fluffiness, insulating ability.

Normally, the fill power of most of the goose down comforters in the market is between 300 to 600. But the fill power of Hungarian Goose down comforter is above 700. You can learn more about 700 filled Hungarian Goose down comforter at pillowbedding.

Warmth Level

The quality of goose down feather and the number of fill power rise the warmth level. As this comforter uses 700-800 fill power and feather from mature geese, this comforter is warmer than other comforters. So, you need not change this comforter during the winter season. Additionally, it is good enough to keep you warm in the very cold night.


This Hungarian Goose down comforter is highly breathable. You can easily cover your head by the comforter during the cold night. And you will not face any breathing problem. This comforter is using high-quality goose down feather which ensures insulation and breathability.


Normally down comforter is not allergy friendly. The people who have an allergy problem should go for alternative down comforter. But here is the specialty of Hungarian Goose down comforter. This comforter is 100% Hypoallergenic. You will not get any allergic substance in the comforter.

Baffle box construction

Most of the comforter is constructed by baffle box design. There are two types of comforter construction. 1. Baffle box construction 2. Sewn throw construction.

Baffle box construction is the most popular and highly recommended stitching method of the comforter. To make this comforter Baffle box stitching method is used.

Thread count

A thread count measures the number of thread uses to stitch every square inch of the comforter. The more thread count indicates the comforter can carry more amount of down feather. Additionally, the thread counts also used to measure the comforter durability, stability, and loftiness.

A low thread count is not good for the Hungarian Goose down comforter as this comforter is made by the pure down feather.

The comforter with low thread count measures between 250 to 300.  Medium level of thread count measures between 300 to 350. Over 350 thread counts consider as a High level of thread count. That is why To ensure the optimum level of comfort the manufacture of Hungarian Goose down comforter uses 390 thread count.


To make this comforter superior among all comforter, the manufactures of the comforter takes an optimum level of care in every measurement. That is why the cost of this comforter rises. You have to spend around 400 dollars to buy this comforter. Do not think about the budget all the time. To get supreme quality you need rise up your budget.

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