How to Prepare Your Guest Room for Comfort

Everyone knows that having houseguests is the best, but there is also nothing like having friends or family coming to visit to throw you in a frenzy. One of the biggest problems with putting together a guest room is trying to figure out how to make it comfortable enough to suit a wide variety of different preferences. After all, the people you have stay in your home may have widely different sleep habits and interests.

Preparing your guest room doesn’t have to throw you into a tailspin. Instead, just take a moment to get a general understanding of the size and layout of the room. Then, use these ideas to begin creating a space that your guests won’t want to leave.

Pick a Versatile Mattress

Some people like to sleep on a hard, firm surface. Others like to sink down into their mattress. With a guest room, your best bet is to pick out a hybrid mattress that gives you the best of both worlds. Hybrids are usually made from both memory foam and inner springs so that your guests will feel supported yet surrounded by softness.

Layer Up On Bedding

You’ll also find that people have very different ideas about the ideal temperature in a bedroom. Always start by keeping the guest room temp on the cooler side. Then, throw on several different layers of comforters and sustainable blankets. If it looks like too much, then toss a decorative throw blanket over the end of the bed. This allows your guests to add or subtract layers of bedding to fit their comfort needs.

Make Towels Available

Special towels that are reserved only for guests screams luxury. Although your bathroom may already be stocked, consider folding a few of your softest towels to stack neatly on the counter or to leave on the dresser in the guest room. Your friends and family will love the royal treatment, and it helps them to freshen up without having to ask for supplies.

Add Nightstands

A nightstand placed on each side of the bed gives people somewhere to put their glasses, water and other necessities. If you really want to increase the comfort factor, consider adding a charging station to the nightstand that helps your guests stay organized.

Create Closet Space

Anyone who stays at your house for more than a day should have somewhere to put their things. Try to clear out some room in the closet and dresser so that your guests can put their clothes away and enjoy a wrinkle-free experience during their stay.

Go the Extra Mile

It is often the little touches that make the biggest impression on guests. Put together a small gift basket that is filled with all of the things that someone might forget or need when they stay at your house. A few over-the-counter pain relievers and antacids are often appreciated. You can also tuck a pair of slippers or eye mask in the basket. Then, finish it off with a snack or two that they can’t get anywhere else. Even think of what they may want to do before laying their head on your perfectly created bed like playing at a live roulette casino online. Place a tablet next to bed with an assortment of games already loaded so all they have to do is pick it up and start playing. Your guests will be touched by your thoughtfulness and love the warm welcome.

The thought that you put into creating a comfortable guest room pays off when your houseguests wake up bright eyed and ready to enjoy the fun that you have planned each day. Now, all you have to do is start thinking about what you want to do during your guest’s visit. While your at it, plan for at least one extra day. With your cozy guest room, they may just extend their stay.