Bathtub Refinishing: Is It Worth It?


Is it necessary for you to replace your bathtub or you can as well reglaze it and use it? When is the right time for you to replace your bathtub? If your bathtub is stained, ugly, or chipped, you may feel uncomfortable sitting on it. This is not reasoning enough for you to head to the store and replace it. It is possible to have the bathtub repaired so that you can use it and save money. You may want to contact a bathtub refinishing Maryland professional to come over and assess your bathtub and advise you accordingly. In this write-up, we shall discuss some of the factors you should consider before replacing your bathtub. We shall examine the things one can do on their bathtub to improve its condition, when this should be done, and how to go about it.

What Is Bathtub Reglazing?

Also known as bathtub refinishing or recoating, this is a cosmetic repair of your bathtub to make the surface look good, new and remove all visible imperfections. It is an inexpensive way of rejuvenating an old bathtub and ideally making it new. You may wonder how long such a bathtub will last after this process. Well, it can last quite long if it is properly used and taken care of.

What Is the Process of Reglazing?

You may decide to carry out the process of refinishing your bathtub on your own. You can as well call a professional who will come, assess the condition of the bathtub, and refinish it. A professional in this work will normally use hydrofluoric acid for this process. The tub is then rinsed and sanding is done on it. The old finish is removed, and the tub is then cleaned so that dust, dirt, and other unwanted materials are removed from the surface. Any cracks and holes in the bathtub are filled, and the tub is glazed.

Two coats of epoxy are applied. This is a fast-drying material and care should be taken while doing it. The process is finished with the application of a polyurethane topcoat. This is sprayed on the finishes to ensure the bathtub has a smooth and even result. The tub is finally polished so that it has a high gloss shine.

What Are the Advantages of Refinishing Your Bathtub?

  • If you are on a tight budget you will be happy to note that refinishing a bathtub is much more cost-effective than buying a new one. You will not have to pay someone to remove and dispose of the bathtub.
  • It gives your bathtub a new appeal. It will look like a new one and this is refreshing to you as you bathe and revitalize your body.
  • Old bathtubs may have lead metal. To protect your family from this, refinishing old bathtub coats off the lead and makes everyone safe.
  • It is eco-friendly. When you decide to refinish the old tab instead of throwing it away, you save the environment and do your bit of reducing the carbon footprint.

In conclusion, remember to always use your new bathtub property, wash it, and keep it dry when not in use. A new bathtub can last for 25 years or more. You may consider replacing it or refinishing it depending on its condition and usability.



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