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The decision to get into shape and lose weight is not an easy one. If you’re overweight by quite a few pounds, losing weight can be a long, hard struggle. Even if we do manage to drop a few pounds, the temptation to slack off is just too great after some days. Fortunately, though, there are some ways to help make the whole process easier.

When a person is trying to lose weight, they usually stay away from their bathroom scale because it can be discouraging. Even some dieticians and nutritionists will tell you to avoid any scale when dieting and exercising, as this will only give you an estimate of your press. Plus, muscle weighs more than fat, so decreasing weight is not always a sign of getting a better figure.

Believe it or not, advanced scales can really help you lose weight, as they give you more information than just the pounds and ounces you weight. Here, we’ll be looking at some of the greatest benefits of using advanced scales and body monitoring to help you lose weight:

Maintaining Privacy

There’s nothing worse than having to get on the scales and have someone know just how much you weigh. This might be your gym instructor, your doctor, or anyone who happens to be passing by. While some professionals have to be aware of your current weight in order to help you out, there’s no need to risk showing that information to anyone else.

To preserve your privacy, you can use a scale in the privacy and safety of your own home. This way, you can have access to a scale any time you need to weigh yourself. You can weigh yourself first thing in the morning just to see all the great progress you are making with your weight loss. Seeing the numbers on the scale going down is a huge factor in motivation, so try to make this part of your routine.

More Information

With the excellent technological advances we have today, advanced scales can tell you a lot more than just your weight. Now, scales can tell you a number of things like your body mass index, your percentage of body fat, and so much more. Some advanced scales even have apps now for your cell phones so you can help keep track of your weight loss.

This advancement means that you no longer have to manually note down your weight changes during your exercise. Plus, you get access to valuable information that will actually guide you towards your goal in a more realistic manner. For instance, you might be losing fat content from your body, but have no change in weight due to increased muscle mass. An advanced weight scale would be able to give you accurate information that won’t take away your motivation.

Several Users in One Device

Some advanced scales and body monitoring scales now can store data for up to eight people. Imagine what this will do for a whole family that is trying to get into shape? It would hence be helpful for every member of your family! You can also enter the data of your friends if you want to engage in a friendly weight-loss competition.

Helping With Weight Loss

It has been proven that people who can monitor their own weight at home actually get better results with their diet and exercise routines. As we’ve mentioned above, this could partly be because of the motivating factor.  Be sure to also check out bioimpedance.

However, if you have a device keeping track of your weight for you, you’re also liable to feel accountable. This way, you wouldn’t actually have to share your weight with another human being, but still feel guilty if you don’t get your daily workout in on a regular basis. In order to feel better about yourself, you’ll soon get to your running, cycling, or whatever you choose to burn those calories!

Weighing Properly

When you’re trying to lose weight, you can gain more accurate results by weighing yourself at least twice daily. These shouldn’t be random times either; hop on those scales the minute you wake up and then again just before you go to bed. If you can manage it, weigh yourself sometime during the course of the day as well.

While clothing may only be adding a couple of pounds at the most, it’s always best to weigh yourself without clothes if at all possible. If this is hard in the middle of the workday, weigh yourself a few times with and without clothes. That way, you’ll be able to estimate the difference.

Taking the Average

Add up the two or three weight measurements from the day and average them out. Once this is done, you should then take the average weight for the whole week. These averages will help you be aware of your weight changes across several weeks.

If all goes well, you’ll hopefully see your average weight measurements going down throughout the week and the month. If this happens, it’s going to motivate you at a very high level. Plus, this practice also keeps you on your toes and doesn’t let you get down over a random weight gain.

For instance, you might see an increase of a few pounds in the morning or at night. If this increase disappears by the time you weigh yourself again, you’d know that it’s probably just water weight and nothing to worry about.

Finding the Perfect Scale

When you’re looking for the best advanced weight scale for your weight loss efforts, remember that not all scales are created equal. You’ll have to go online, read reviews, and perhaps even undergo some trials and errors in order to fund a device that works well for you.

The FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale might be one place to try if you’re in the market for a new advanced scale. This is a smart, wireless, and digital device that can give you your weight and body composition every single day. Check out its details here:

This scale even comes with its own smartphone app, so you’ll be able to check your body weight, BMI, fat content, water content, BMR, muscle mass, and several other aspects of body composition whenever you please. This means it’ll even be able to tell you just how hydrated you are! You can also sync it with your Fitbit app, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

With all these measuring functions for your body composition, you and your family can easily keep track of all the necessary health goals. With just a single scale, you can add unlimited different users. This gives you a lot of value for the price, which is quite reasonable to begin with.

According to reviews, this little digital scale is a much better option with more information than the more expensive ones on the market. While there might be some high-end versions that have a better performance, but the price range here means that it’s a good place to start. If you are undecided on getting either a digital or manual weighing scale, we can help you decide by reading our article, Which Is More Accurate Digital or Manual Weighing Scale?


Losing weight can be tough, but with the proper support and tools, we bet you can make your weight loss goal! Scales are normally something that people who are dieting and exercising usually try to stay away from them. With modern technology, however, a scale can become your best friend.

Having your own support system in the form of a scale can make the whole journey easier. You won’t have to make too much of an effort to track the weight and other aspects yourself. Nor would you have to pay another person or risk getting embarrassed in front of others to do so. The best part is that these advanced weight scales aren’t even that expensive, so we’d say give them a go right away!

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