Accentuate your ambiance this Shabbat night with the Kiddush Cup Sets


Kiddush cup sets are quite an integral part of a Jewish household. The cups along with the complete cup sets, often accentuate the value of your dining table. The Kiddush cup sets are made of the most reliable material as they exude a strong religious sentiment, thus everything has to be perfect. They symbolize the celebration post the Bat Mizvah – an integral part in every Jewish home. Shabbat is the offering made to the God, showing the gratitude and love to the Almighty. A family celebration, Shabbat, brings forward the integrity and family value together – and this auspicious occasion is presided by the Silver Kiddush Cups

Importance of Shabbat to Jewish Homes

As per the Jewish religion, God spent 6 days in creating the universe and the 7th day was his Rest Day. Shabbat starts from the evening on every Friday and extends till the Saturday evening. During this phase, the ambiance is murky – which makes the North Star visible. On this auspicious day, the candles are lighted & the family comes together to celebrate with a meal together. After this, either a prayer or synagogue follows, or a long walk to feel relaxed.

Sabbath Shalom is often the word used for greeting the loved and dear ones on the event of Shabbat. The day comes as a blessing for the hardworking people – who often claim that they cannot even get a day’s break from their busy schedule. The most peaceful aspect is the beauty with which it brings together the entire home – and the cherishing songs, rendezvous & the candle lights simply shine the entire home with conviviality and mirth. 

The origin of the word Shabbat is from Hebrew. The term shavat in Hebrew means to take some rest yourself. As God was busy creating the universe for 6 days, he took rest on the 7th and that is where the Shabbat originates from. Exodus 20 captures the rules for observing this auspicious day.

Celebration the Shabbat in the Jewish household

The day often begins with tidying your home and preparing it for the evening get-together. It is followed with meal preparation for the evening – preparing the dresses to wear for home & the synagogue. As the evening fall in the mother of the home lights two candles. It marks the beginning of this auspicious event. It is followed by the prayer which is offered by the mother. 

The wine is poured into the Kiddush cup sets and a prayer is offered to the wine and the challah – the traditional bread loaf. It is followed by washing their hands and starting with the meal. The meal is often followed by the synagogue – and the peace in the ambiance is felt every moment. 

Kiddush Cup Sets Adorn the Beauty of Shabbat

Kiddush Cup Sets are critical as they hold the wine which is offered prayer to during the event. Mostly the preferred material is the silverware. If you are looking forward to make your Shabbat nights memorable, don’t forget to grab the perfect cup sets for your home, this Shabbat. 

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