A mold and mildew removal guide for home owners

Owning a home might be a part of everyone’s dream, but keeping up with its maintenance is lost somewhere in the fine print of the contract. If you own a property, whether it’s for commercial use or residential, chances are you’ve had your encounter with mold growing somewhere, so in this article, we’ll discuss what to do if you find mold in your home.

You can also hire mold removal professionals like Wright Restorations from Toronto. When specialists clean and remove spores, they have the knowledge and expertise to contain the spread and eliminate all of the spores completely. They will advise you on further duct cleaning and provide you with future preventive advice because they will inspect all areas that potentially contain mold.

An easy to follow guide on mold removal for property owners

Mold is quite common, believe it or not, and it can be found pretty much anywhere there’s moisture, darkness and bald air circulations. In facts it’s so common that it’s inevitable, simply because there are constantly fungal spores in the air.

Don’t worry though, 85% of them are harmless and will probably benefit you in some way. There are those dangerous kinds, which we’ll be discussing today, which are very difficult to distinguish from regular mold, and that’s why there are professional companies like GCDRestoration.com who deal with them every day.

Follow the moisture – use your senses

This one is a very low tech way of finding wet environments which could hold mold – mostly basements, laundry rooms, under window sills, attics and bathrooms. As a key component, moisture is a prerequisite and an inevitable ally to mold, so when dealing with fungal growths and mildew, your main goal is to remove their environment.

Don’t touch it – be safe

Touching mold that is hard to identify is like touching a snake hoping it won’t bite – chances are it will, unless it’s used to humans, and even then your chances are kind of low. So when you do find mildew, don’t touch it because it might cause an allergic reaction or send toxins into your bloodstream.

Dehumidify the area, use rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant and put that into a spray bottle – spray it and wait for the mold to go away. Dealing with it that way is still considered dangerous, but it’s not active so any spores released will be inactive or even barren.

Improve ventilation on your property

As a key factor of moisture reduction is simple airflow. You can improve it by cleaning your HVAC system or even by opening a window. If the affected area does not have an adjacent window, open a door or use dehumidifiers to draw out the moisture, either way, remove the environment so mold can’t grow.

If you are experiencing mold and mildew recidivism, it’s highly recommended that you contract a professional mold removal company like GCDRestoration.com. They’ll be your guide and agent with dealing a mildew infestation on your property, they work smart, precise and quite affordably.