8 Quick Tips To Get Your House Ready For A Party


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a backyard barbecue, or just inviting a few friends over for a drink, you should definitely get your guest house ready. Here are eight quick ways to get your home ready and ready for any type of gathering!

1. First impressions

The first thing to worry about is your front door, because that’s the first thing people will see. You want your front door to look clean and welcoming. Clean the doors and make sure there is no dust or dirt on the floor. Make sure there is enough room for shoes and suitable hanger space in your closet or hallway. One thing I love to do is have a dedicated area for bags so that anyone with a bag knows exactly where to put it, it’s safe and knows where to find it at the end of the party.

2. Clean windows

I’m not saying you should do this in every room, but look at the space your group will be in and clean the windows in those rooms, inside and out. We don’t think about windows often, but when they are covered in dirt or have fingerprints, it affects how clean and beautiful your space looks. This is really easy to fix and very effective work that will actually make your home look much cleaner.

3. Clean bathroom

There is no doubt that your guests will use your bathroom. First of all, check the first aid kit, because your guests can look inside and you will feel more comfortable if you know that there is nothing personal there.

Then, make sure you have clean hand towels and plenty of hand soap on hand. if you live in a small room with one bathroom, remove the bath towel, you don’t want people to dry their hands with the same towel that you use to dry your body.

You also need to make sure you have toilet paper available – you don’t want anyone to search for it. Make sure you have a cleaning brush in case you have any unexpected moments in the toilet.

4. Remove the clutter

Even if your home is in pretty good condition, it’s still a good idea to go through and remove any unnecessary clutter also carpet cleaning Lafayette Indiana. This is what we do before we have guests. We’ll put things in temporary storage and then when the party is over, we’ll put them back

You also have to remember to get rid of anything that you don’t want to be broken because at parties people tend to get a little awkward (or drunk?), and the last thing you’d like is it is something good, broken or stained.

5. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the living room

The nature of the living room is such that items that don’t necessarily belong in the living room often end up there. Items such as dirty socks, wine glasses, etc. will eventually need to be placed in their rightful places (basket, dishwasher and toolbox, respectively).

Don’t underestimate the impact your living room can have by spending a minute or two on down pillows, folded duvets, and straightening throw pillows. Likewise, stacking magazines and books is a quick and easy way to create the appearance of neat space. And again we return to dust removal with a microfiber cloth. Bookshelves and coffee table, microfiber will help get rid of dust with a little fuss; Microfiber cloths will eliminate fingerprints and stains in an instant.

Your couch has a secret. Upholstered furniture comes with a code that should be used to determine which products should be used to clean it.

6. A little about dishes

There are two types of parties; formal parties where you choose porcelain as well as informal parties where you eat on disposable tableware. Both have their pros and cons, but I always like to look for more environmentally responsible options.

If you’re using regular crockery, take the extra minutes to make sure it looks pretty. Dip it in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and clean thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. This will really polish it up and get rid of everything that shouldn’t be there.

7. Make your home smell good

How your house smells definitely affects people as soon as they walk through the door, and you want to be the person with the house that makes people smile when they walk in, not the one that makes them * sniff a little. *. So what can you do? Place fresh flowers, light a candle, heat up some essential oils – it’s all simple and very effective.

If you have cats like me, we will make sure the animal waste tray is empty and we also spray fabric freshener on any upholstery. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dandruff in order to be respectful of people who are allergic to pets.

8. Prepare for “disaster”

While you don’t want to expect the worst, you should definitely be prepared for it. Different situations happen, especially at the table. That something is spilled or some other nuisance. When you have guests, make sure you have a “cleaning emergency kit” somewhere readily available. Stain removers, cleaning wipes and a bucket are more than enough to deal with any unexpected situation.

If you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, then just call the cleaning company and they will do everything for you!

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