6 Ways Your Bed Can Affect Your Sex Life


There are lots of strange connections and relationships in the world. Some are pretty easy to spot from a distance, others take years of psychoanalysis and interpersonal searching to discover. One that should be relatively easy to understand is the relationship between your bed and your sex life. Of course, there are lots of places you could be getting intimate, but out of all of them, your bed is probably ground zero. It’s likely where you’re most often having sex with a spouse or partner (or friend or stranger). Because of this, there are a lot of ways your bed might be affecting your sex life. And if you need professional assistance from a reputable clinic, contact online trt clinic.

The Size of Your Bed Can Affect Whether Someone Else Can Fit Comfortably Next to You

Obvious tips first, but this needs to be said because we all have that one friend who’s a bachelor for life, who’s sleeping in a toddler bed, and complaining about how lonely they are. If you’ve got a teeny tiny bed and you’re trying to fit two people in it and have them move around at leisure, you’re going to be disappointed. (And probably so is the other party.)

The Right Bed Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Figuring out what you need for a good night’s sleep is important for all aspects of your health, not just your libido. Some people need firmer beds, some people want things a little softer. Whatever it is you need to have a good night’s sleep, do it. Having enough hours of good quality sleep has a direct impact on your sex drive. The same goes for your partner, so make sure your bed gets you and your partner enough high-quality sleep.

The Right Bedding Materials Can Encourage Sex Dreams

Maybe you’re not looking to have sex with someone else in your bed. Maybe you just want to have a spectacular sex dream. Many things can influence you while you dream but if you’re wondering how to have a sex dream, you can start by choosing bedding that is a sexy texture. It doesn’t have to be considered sexy by everyone, just you. Wear minimal clothing while you sleep and you just might get lucky in your dreams.

The Positioning of Your Bed Within Your Room Affects Your Sleep and Mental State

This point is important to think about in two ways. The first is regarding the closeness of your bed to objects that emit blue light (think laptops, cellphones, wifi routers, and televisions). This light is extremely harmful to the quality of your sleep. We’ve already established above that the quality of your sleep has a direct impact on your libido.

Secondarily, the positioning of your bed can affect how relaxed you are while you’re in it. Subconsciously people don’t fully relax if there’s the possibility that another person, or an animal, like a wolf, might sneak up on them from behind. The chances of a wolf being in your bedroom are slim to none, but your survival instincts don’t know that. Layout your bedroom so that you can see the entire room from your bed, also avoid placing your bed beneath anything low-hanging like the space beneath a staircase. You need to be relaxed if you’re going to perform well in bed.

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Mattress Material Can Influence Your Movements When in Bed

The material of your mattress can influence the quality of the sex you have in it. It turns out that memory foam, and the lack of energy return that it offers, is counter-productive during intimate activities. You want a mattress with enough bounce that your movements aren’t fully absorbed. Fabric encased coils seem to be the winner in this regard.

Your Bedding Can Affect Your Emotional State

This tip applies to everyone, of course, but it especially applies to those people who are still sleeping with the blankets and pillows that they shared with a long time ex. If someone broke your heart and you’re still using all the same bedding that you did when they were next to you, it might be time to switch things up. Whether or not you have anyone else in bed with you, this tip can do wonders for your emotional well being.

With these six tips, you are well on your way to setting up a bed situation that is supportive and conducive for intimate activities. As with most other relationship habits, if you are struggling with intimacy in your marriage or partnership, speaking to your partner is often an important part of improving the situation. Also, if you have a live-in partner, don’t go rearranging the whole bedroom without speaking to them first.

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